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Irina Kazakevic

Irina Kazakevic is a certified Yoga and Children's Yoga Teacher, (E-RYT, RCYT), and Elementary School Teacher (M.Ed). She is the founder of Yoga Break for Children™ and creator of the online and in-person training programs. For over a decade, Irina has been training yoga teachers, school teachers, administrators and parents on how to do yoga and mindfulness with children to support their physical, mental and emotional well-being.

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About this Course

The SUMMER BUNDLE three kids yoga units offer you kids' yoga lesson plans to explore plants, insects, and travelling.
In the FROM SEED TO FLOWER unit, you will find resources to teach kids about how flowers grow out of seeds. It's a great addition to the Plants science lessons.
THE CRICKET'S SONG unit offers a closer look at the lives of insects, and particularly, mysterious night singers, crickets. Your students will enjoy an original song and a cricket yoga dance.
The AROUND THE WORLD unit is a great opportunity to travel around the globe and learn about different cultures with yoga poses, breathing, meditation and craft activities.
Summer kids yoga will be a blast with the SUMMER BUNDLE units, full of fun yoga and yoga-inspired activities!