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Kelli May-Krenz

I believe in creating everyday. For me creating is like breathing, I simply must do it. I have so many interests when it comes to creating. I love painting, stitching, graphic design, illustration and everything I can possible make in my studio. I spend my days dreaming up things that make me happy hoping that by sharing others will fill their happy up too! I like using materials that are found in nature and around our spaces. I am a huge believer in finding joy in creating with very little. I treasure my life, knowing every single day I am lucky to be here.

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About this course

Harvest Moon with Friends is a mixed media course offering so many new techniques. 

You will create 5 different paintings + lettering quotes + harvest moon wall hanging + surprise lesson 

Two paintings of Miss Fox (yes, I will take you step by step) even if you have never ever drawn before you will have lovely little paintings. 

Two paintings of Mr. Owl 

Lettering (my signature style of pen and ink) I will walk you through this using India ink (no previous lettering experience needed) 

One painting of the teal moon glowing with a beautiful quote. 

We will stitch a harvest moon cut from canvas. Beading, stitching, paint layering all partner with a twig or two. 

By the harvest moon, we will open our creative glow to honor natures gifts while playing with woodland creatures. 

Perfect for learning new ways of seeing. Honored to be your guide. 

With love under the moon who watches over each of us every night. 

some of the art you will create yes, there's more.

One of the paintings we will be creating together. I will teach you step by step every step including how to begin a new creative life as an illustrator of type. This is such a fun lesson. You will also be creating these other four paintings. 

let's gather these first!

these supplies are good basics to have on hand. you will find lots of uses for them. promise.

links below for ordering online.




• WAX THREAD (white)

Protractor - Walmart Stores 

Wax Thread - Michaels Stores 

Paintbrushes - Michaels Stores  

Please note I have included the sweet canvas moon face we will be creating as a resource. You can print this out to have as reference.

gathering paints

these are simple, affordable craft paints that work great for these projects. the brand is Apple Barrel Acrylic Paints. 

colors we will use (you can use similar colors and do not have to purchase these if you do not want to) 

• Tuscan Red 

• Ripe Tomato

• Golden Sunset

• Turquoise/ Teal 

• Cameo Pink

• China Blue

• White or use Gesso

Apple Barrel Paints - Walmart Stores 

specialty paints

these two paints are game changers. well worth the money and you will find one zillion uses for these. 

i personally love love love them both so much. 

• Sargent Art Liquid Metal Acrylic Paint - Gold

• Art Alchemy Acrylic Paint - Opal Magic Yellow Blue 

Sargent Art Liquid Metal Acrylic Gold Paint - Amazon 

Art Alchemy Acrylic Paint Opal MAGIC - Amazon

print out a magic moon

paper + canvas + embroidery threads

I first stumbled on this wonderful Dylusions Square Creative Journal with black paper pages about one year ago. Immediately I loved the thick good quality paper. However, I started taking out the pages and painting art on the pages individually. Not using it as a journal.

So if you have a nice thick black paper you love USE IT! 

I am only recommending this because I LOVE IT!!!

Embroidery threads - colors of golds and neutrals.

Canvas 8 x 10 

Dylusions Black Journal - Michaels online 

Sample edge of Moon Painting we will be creating showing this Dylusions paper

other random supplies

these supplies you will need to go on a studio hunt and find some of your favorites. the twig, well that will require a trip outside. ha.

• Random beads

• ONE twig approx. 7.5" long

• Random findings (you know charms, buttons, metal findings)

• A few vintage pearl buttons (just for fun)

• Bits of cloth - neutral colors

Harvest Moon Wall Hanging for inspiration.