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Stacy Dymalski is an author, writing and publishing coach, filmmaker, story editor, comedian, and award-winning speaker. Branded as The Memoir Midwife, and the author of THE MEMOIR MIDWIFE: NINE STEPS TO SELF-PUBLISHING YOUR BOOK, Stacy uses her experience as a film producer and comedian, as well as her professional training as a storytelling to help people find, write, and share their own stories in the form of books and movies. She has helped hundreds of authors and filmmakers achieve their storytelling goals through her classes, workshops, and online courses. Find out more about Stacy and how she can help you achieve YOUR storytelling goals by going to her website, For information about Stacy's books, movies, and comedy, check out Stacy's author page on Amazon and her film and TV credits

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About this course


My online course 7 Steps to Turn Your Story Into a Book is designed to help you write a first draft of your book (or a solid rewrite if you already have a draft) even if you don't consider yourself a writer. Focusing on the important elements of storytelling, the steps in this seven-week course are lessons that systematically prepare you to sit down and write, so when that time comes you know how to start your manuscript, keep writing, and finish your book.

The lessons are released to your inbox once a week at steps, with topics as follows:

Step 1) Find the Message of Your Story

Get clear on the wisdom you want to share.

Step 2) Build Your Story's Structure

Structure your story with a beginning, middle, and end that makes sense, flows, and supports your message

Step 3) Summarize Your Story

Learn how to professionally summarize your story, because if you can't tell it in 750 words, you can't do it in 200 pages.

Step 4) Create Your Story's Outline

Learn how to create a professional story outline that you can actually use to keep you on track while you write.

Step 5) Write Your Story's Introduction 

Learn how write your backstory so you know exactly where to start your story in your book.

Step 6) Prepare to Write

Learn how to set up a professional, dedicated writing space and rituals that actually encourage you to write.

Step 7) Write Your Book Manuscript

Learn how to plan your writing schedule into your busy life (just like you would an exercise program) so you find time to write.


And as an added bonus you get to attend two one-hour webinars a month with me, in which I answer your story-development questions, and I share additional information that I think you might find helpful (given the questions). Plus, after you complete this course and you've written your manuscript, I will personally review the first 25 pages of your manuscript and discuss my feedback with you by phone in a one-hour consultation, free of additional charge, as part of this course. That's a $300 value (one hour for me to read your work and make notes, and one hour to discuss my review with you), which is a greater value that what I'm presently charging for the beta release this course! If that's not an incentive for you to finish your book, I don't what what is! And if we have time in my free consultation, I'd like to also include some feedback on your story's:

1) Message (Step 1)

2) Story Structure (Step 2)

3) Summary (Step 3)

4) Story Outline (Step 4)

Plus, we can discuss next steps in terms of self-publishing versus traditional publishing and what's right for you. I can also help you develop a production plan for the release of your your book, as well as recommend editors, book designers, graphic artists, or whatever professionals you need to help you reach your literary goal. Whatever you need that fits in that one-hour free consultation, that's what we will discuss.

But first we need to take things one step at a time. The  goal of this course is for you to get the first (or next) draft of your book manuscript written. I will give you new tools every week (for seven weeks) that build on one another to help you work toward that goal. 


Currently this course is in beta release until 2019. The reason being that the aesthetics and branding of the pages, handouts, videos, etc. are still being developed. However, the content, lessons, and exercises are done and solid. When this course is officially released on January 1, 2019, the list price will be $897. But between now and December 15, 2018, you pay only $139. Regardless, you get the same invaluable content and training that will be released in 2019, the only difference being that it's not quite as "pretty" as it will be when it's officially launched. 

So if you'd like to get started writing your book now AND save a ton of money, until December 15 I'm offering the beta version of this course for only $139. That's 84.5% off the list price of $897 for this same exact course slated to be released January 1, 2019 (with all the nice graphics and branding). Why am I offering it to you so cheaply? Because I would appreciate your feedback on the course. Your opinion is important to me, so if you take the time to give me input, I'd love to hear it. 

Either way, you end up with a first (or next) draft of your book manuscript, all for a fraction of the list price,  if purchase 7 Steps to Turn Your Story Into a Book before the beta period ends on December 15, 2018. 

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