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Faith Evans-Sills

Hi I'm Faith, painter, dreamer and creative guide. In my work I draw inspiration from nature’s wild and small moments, with my heart in Abstraction. I'm classically trained with both a BFA and MFA in painting, along with 20+ years of personal painting experience. Inspiring women to manifest their most heartfelt ideas through creating art is one of my passions! My first book, "Painting the Sacred Within" co-authored with artist Mati McDonough, is a guide for women, to go deeply inside themselves finding their own creative voice. My Painting the Sacred Within Classes are co-taught with Mati! I teach here online, across the US and internationally at art retreats in Morocco, Costa Rica and Mexico. My paintings have been exhibited widely and included in numerous publications. I live with my husband Frank and our 3 children by the sea in Charleston, SC. Learn more about all the ways to paint with me at

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About this course

A YEAR OF EXPLORATION, SELF DISCOVERY & FINDING YOUR VOICE THROUGH PAINTING. A months worth of video painting lessons and inspiration delivered to you right away upon sign up! 

Join artists Mati McDonough and Faith Evans-Sills, through their guidance, painting demos, prompts, lessons you will find and develop your own voice in your work. Their goal is not only to lead you to paint more in the year ahead but also to really connect with your deepest inspiration. We'll cover lots of techniques to add to your skill set in the studio, along with new ways of seeing and keeping yourself inspired through deep dives into a different themed topic each month.

Each topic is divided into a month long segment in which we’ll share a series of fresh videos, inspirational content, start to finish painting demos and peaks into our studios. These episodes will all be centered around a theme that will closely follow the chapter themes in our new book Painting The Sacred Within! This class will work well as a supplement to our book, fleshing out the themes & techniques that we offer there, in our videos we want you to feel like you're painting right along with us! All of this content, a whole year's worth, will be yours to have instant and forever access, to go at your own pace and dive into in the privacy of your studio!

When: Instant & Forever Access upon purchase
Where: Online, Self Paced
Investment: Payment Plan: 4 Monthly Payments of $99

Each of the 12  Painting The Sacred Within Episodes Include:

  • At least 2 long start to finish painting videos each month from BOTH Mati & Faith
  • Bonus video lessons and units on Color Treasure Hunting & Nature Mandalas, Artist Interviews and Inspiration Prompts.
  • Access to our private Painting The Sacred Within Facebook Community of artists from around the world.
  • A FREE Bonus Episode: "Getting to Know Faith & Mati: Our Favorite Supplies, Studio Visits and Q&A Chats." Yours free with the purchase of every Painting The Sacred Within Episode and Monthly Membership.

Our themes & schedule will be: 

Free Bonus Episode: Introduction & Welcome :: Get to Know Us, Our Studios & Favorite Supplies

Episode 1 : Inspiration is Everywhere :: Developing a Daily Practice of Seeing

Episode 2 : Strokes of Expression :: Abstract Techniques and Direction

Episode 3: Inspiration from the Natural World

Episode 4 : Pattern Play :: Layering With Stencils & Silkscreens

Episode 5 : Finding Your Center :: Building a Focal Point

Episode 6 : Creation as Meditation :: Painting Mandalas

Episode 7: Hearing the Inner Voice :: Incorporating Words into Your Art

Episode 8 : Painting With Power Symbols :: Incorporating Geometrics

Episode 9 : Soul Animals :: Painting Totem Elements in Your Work

Episode 10 : Painting Objects to Surround You :: Unconventional Surfaces

Episode 11 : Your Personal Symbology :: Feather Power Paintings

Episode 12 : Painting Your Story :: Developing a Personal Encyclopedia of Mark Making