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Nancy Shanteau

Nancy Shanteau (she/her) is the lineage bearer for Skills for Change Coaching. She is a Master Somatic Coach and the founder of the Folkloom School, the home of the Skills for Change Coaching Certification Program. A settler who lives and works in Nevada County, CA, unceded Nisenan land, Nancy practices Relationship Anarchy and Solo Polyamory, identifies as pansexual and aromantic, and is a white multi-ethnic, non-binary woman. Dedicated to radical, empowering education, Nancy has been teaching and coaching since 2004. “I believe people need safety and a feeling of connection and love in order to change. In a good teaching relationship, the teacher becomes engaged in your dream, and provides support, strength and vision to help you achieve it.”

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About this course

In this self-paced course, we'll consider center in it's myriad expressions in our lives. We'll review meaningful and practical methods for re-centering, and discover which ones work for us.

We will consider the following categories of Centering:

  • Mental: our mind, thoughts, beliefs, and stories about ourselves and the world.
  • Emotional: our authentic expression, sharing and management of our feelings and emotions.
  • Physical: our sensations, health, diet and exercise practices. Our body image and satisfaction. Our sexuality.
  • Energetic: the aliveness and movement of energy in our bodies.
  • Spiritual/Values: Our spiritual awareness and/or our values, purpose and sense of meaning.

By the end of the course, we will have practiced centering and re-centering in each major category, and will have an opportunity to make a plan to increase our feeling of centeredness throughout our daily lives.

The Centering course provides you with audio, video, and reading to support your learning experience. You will be invited to respond to writing exercises to stimulate your interaction with the material.

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Price: $75*

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