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Laura Valenti

Photographer, curator, mentor, lover of light. I'm passionate about helping artists gain clarity and creative momentum - so they can make images they adore! Find me here:

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About this course

Most photo education focuses on gear, rules, and basic how-tos. Hardly anyone talks about how to become a visionary artist. 

But…that’s the whole point, right?

Here’s the truth: when it comes to being an artist, who you are matters more than any tip, trick, or piece of gear. 

In Candela, you’ll learn to connect your photography to your lived experience, to shift your focus from your head to your heart, to make images that express your core truth. 

It feels like finally, fully, coming into your own as an artist. 

It feels like welcoming yourself home.

"I am totally loving your class and insights! It is helping me to grow not only as a photographer, but as a person. My personal goal as I am taking your class is to find my "signature." I want to find out what touches my heart and matter the flaws or critics. Thank you for opening my eyes to that possibility."  -Penne Fossa