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Dr. Brett Wade

Dr. Wade is a physiotherapist, college professor, yoga and meditation instructor. Brett has been teaching anatomy for over twenty years and practicing as a physiotherapist for over 25 years. He is the founder of the North American School of Yoga Science and the Ekahi Center for Yoga and Mindfulness. Brett has presented numerous times on subjects ranging from mindfulness, meditation, electromagnetic radiation, and stress reduction. He is written several papers and is the author of the Ekahi Method: Master the Waves of Life.

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About this course

Hello everyone!  Welcome to Yoga and the Lower Extremity.  I hope you find this course deepens your understanding of gross anatomy and kinesiology of the lower extremity.  In addition, you should come away from this course with an effective understanding of common injuries or pathologies of the lower extremity and how they relate to yoga.  The asanas of hatha yoga are generally very good for injury prevention but some of the poses and the way they are taught are causing more harm than they are helping with balance and flexibility.  I hope you enjoy this course!  Brett