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Maria   duane april 2018

Maria Owl & Duane Michael

Maria Owl and Duane Michael are the directors of Sacred Future, an organization devoted to ushering in a new paradigm of empowered global and galactic community. Sacred Future offers a 9-month Intuitive Healing certification program. Find out more at

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About this Course


5pm HST / 7pm PST / 10pm EST

90 Minute Webinar - Join us via Phone or Computer!

You are Invited to Join the Transformation on Solstice 2018!

The upcoming Winter Solstice (Northern Hemisphere) and Summer Solstice (Southern Hemisphere) is vibrating at : 

"Those who were once enemies come together and take hands to create the New Earth. Conflict is honored as creative differences. Communication takes a leap forward. And the Children teach us how to Root Down and get playful!"

This Solstice get ready for unexpected alliances. Years, even decades, of negotiations and stalemates suddenly burst free! All this happens because veils are lifted from the eyes/perception and the truth of who we are is being revealed. Deeper shared values take priority as we look to the Crystal Children to guide us. 

Be prepared to take down the final remnants of old structures this Solstice. 

In the Northern Hemisphere, access the frequencies of the stars and the night/dreamtime to assist your process. Work with your Astral Body and the Astral Planes to access your next steps. Do ritual by firelight and work with colors and sacred geometry to anchor in new sane structures for human consciousness!

In the Southern Hemisphere, draw down the solar truth force into your physical body for healing and recalibration of your energy body. Receive your next steps through the mirrors all around you, the soul family in your life who know you best. Hike barefoot and allow your body to translate the wisdom in nature to your cells, waking up your DNA crystalline codes!

Join Maria Owl and Duane Michael on December 20th, at 7pm PST,  for a 90 minute Clearing & Activation with the Higher Dimensional Helpers!

Maria will be bringing through the Hathors, Pleiadians and Sirian Council to allow timely transmissions to guide and awaken us!

Duane will be opening the circle and bringing in the activating consciousness of Earth's Solar Guardians.



For 3 days before the Podcast, access meditations and transmissions from the Higher Dimensional Helpers to prepare you to receive during the 5 portal days of Solstice: December 19 - 23.


  • Welcome from the Tri-Council of Light (Sirian, Pleiadian, Arcturian)

  • Energetic full-scale clearing, recalibration, and alignment of our physical and energetic bodies with each other

  • FOCUS: Healing Relationships through Clearing Core Relational Patterns. Birthing new relationship patterns via Harmonic Grid entrainment.

  • Message for Humanity from the Council of the Sun and Great Universal Mother

  • Closing Prayer


The day after, access integration support and the downloadable mp3 of the main transmission.

As with every Equinox and Solstice, we are given an opportunity to participate actively, with our focused intention, on creating the New Earth. Each cycle around the sun brings us closer to our Golden Age. If we are not actively participating in creating it, we could be unconsciously blocking it. The majority of the human race are yet to master their minds! Our thoughts run rampant, down roads of “what ifs”, judgements, and fear stories. During these major portal times of the year, everything becomes amplified - the good, bad and ugly. This is why the Higher Dimensional Helpers have requested that we gather together in circles of positive visioning and intention on the 5 major portal days surrounding Equinox and Solstice.

What are your plans for December 20th?

Take 90 minutes out of your life to be On Purpose with your Love!

We hope you will join us for this auspicious occasion. 

Maria Christina Owl and Duane Michael