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Christina Semmens

Christina is an author, blogger, speaker and mentor who holds Masters degrees in both History and Theology and numerous other certifications, to include certification as a Catholic Spiritual Mentor. She is a former military officer and classroom teacher, and professed Family member of the Apostles of Interior Life who has been involved with church ministry, especially on a small group and one-on-one basis for more than 25 years. She integrates her knowledge, experience, and education to provide straight-forward, practical and insightful guidance, encouragement and inspiration to those desiring to be fully transformed into the saints whom God created each person to be--holy men and women on fire for love of the Lord in the world.

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About this course

Are you hesitant to say yes whenever someone asks you to lead a small group?

Do you hesitate to lead discussions because you feel you aren't "qualified"?

Are you uncertain how to handle different personalities while keeping a group on topic?


Do you want to be relaxed and at ease facilitating a small group? 

Able to facilitate discussions about any topic? 

Confident in your ability to engage and manage all participants in order to ensure everyone gets the most out of their small group experience?


In this course you will learn:

What skills and attitudes every facilitator of transformation needs to have and how to cultivate and master them in your own life

How to facilitate discussion about any topic, even ones you don't know anything about 

How to manage challenging situations and participants  during group discussion and keep your group on topic

Become familiar with tools that will help you eencourage every participant in your small group while challenging them to go deeper

The importance of your own attitudes concerning your personal habits and behaviors for inspiring transformation in others 

It IS possible for you to become a facilitator of transformation! ENROLL NOW

8 Straight-Forward and Simple Modules

Lesson 1: Why Transformative Facilitation?

Reasons why you should become a transformative facilitator vs a facilitator who simply transmits information

Lesson 2: Transformative Facilitation: Blueprint for Success

The blueprint for transformative facilitation and what skills and attitudes are needed for a facilitator of transformation

Lesson 3: Listening: Seeking to Understand 

How to become a Deep Listener and Engage in Intentional Conversation

Lesson 4: Welcoming: Ensuring Others are Truly Known and Cared For

How to create a welcoming environment through enthusiasm and contagious witness

Lesson 5: Timeliness: Saying and Doing the Right Thing at the Right Time

How to do and say the right thing at the right time for the right results

Lesson 6: Facilitating (Shepherding): Putting It All Together

Putting it all together so every small group participant is known, welcomed, loved and invited into transformation

Lesson 7: Wayward Sheep: Challenging Participants with Grace and Mercy

The Nuts and Bolts of Facilitator Dos and Don'ts. Handling the dynamics of personalities within a small group

Lesson 8: Saying Yes: Cultivating Openness to the Holy Spirit

The 4 steps necessary for ensuring your own transformation as you serve as an instrument of transformation for others.


SPECIAL BONUS 1     Downloadable Tools 

SPECIAL BONUS 2     Facilitator Self-Assessment Tool

SPECIAL BONUS 3     Facilitation Resources List

SPECIAL BONUS 4     Access to Q & A Calls


The Brand-New Facilitator--Never been a small group facilitator before? No problem! This gives you exactly what you need to facilitate a group with confidence.

Semi-Experienced Facilitator--You've done this a few times, but your group sometimes gets off-track or you get flustered when you are asked questions you don't know the answers to.  This will help you effectively handle those challenges with ease.

Experienced Facilitators--Definitely not your first rodeo, but you want to help people in your small group have a truly phenomenal expeience. This will help you create the environment and become an instrument of transformation.

It is possible, and you can do it too... ENROLL NOW

I’m ready to roll, how much value will I get?

If someone had come to me when I first started out being a small group facilitator, and told me they were going to give me exactly what I needed so I could successfully lead a small group, AND give me all the secrets to facilitating in a simple, straight-forward and practical manner, all so I would feel confident, at ease and able to help others have a phenomenal small group experience, I would have easily paid $500 if not more. How much would it be worth it to you to have the skills, secrets and strategies handed over to you so you have the road map to become a facilitator who helps others experience transformation? $1000? $2000? $3000?

An hour of time goes for at least $750 for private consulting and coaching. Speaking engagements are at least $1,000. Many of the tips, tools and secrets contained here are the result of hours and hours of trial and error, research of best practices, and participation in numerous seminars, workshops and conferences that charge hundreds of dollars. Plus, you will be getting tools and resources that have been developed from that experience, education and knowledge.

The LOWEST price that was recommended for me to charge was $797.

But, I’m not going to do that. I want people who desire to help others to be able to learn from me, but not have to spend ANYWHERE near that much.

That’s why the price is a reasonable $29 for everything including all bonuses.

And you get everything. All the training modules. All the tools. All the assessments. All the bonuses.

With a 30-Day Guarantee! Boom!


The Transformative Small Group Facilitation Course comes with a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. I pride myself on offering high quality programs that actually work…if you put the work in. Meaning, if you do what I teach you, good things happen. If you don’t do it, nothing good happens.


So if within 30 days, you are unhappy for whatever reason, just email, and you will receive a full refund.  Because I stand behind Transformative Small Group Facilitation 100%.

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$29.00 one-time

8 AWESOME Lessons
4 KILLER Bonuses
30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee