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Della Ratcliffe

Celebrating women’s wisdom and spirituality as a Hedgewitch, Bean Gealach, shamanic practitioner, writer, teacher, mentor, coach, artist, healer, advanced PSYCH-K® and certified Moon Mná Women's Celtic Circle Facilitator and, yes, a Badass Crone! I travel with you on this journey, holding the light for you.

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About this course

Join us to celebrate Summer Solstice Season 2020  

Explore the Summer Solstice season and create your own celebrations to honour the Peak of Summer Fire and Magick!

This course is for those stepping into the energy of the Summer Solstice of June 20th, as we begin the peak of summer season in the Celtic Wheel of the Year, which is with us until the arrival of Lúnasa on August 1st.

We will use the framework of the Celtic cosmology of Land, Sea and Sky —which exist in both the physical and spiritual realms — to explore the celebrations of Summer Solstice, known as Samhradh in Irish: practices, history, herbs and plants, gods and goddesses, rituals, divination and more.  

Here is a short summary of what we will explore in the course:

  • MidSummer Magick: Traditions and history of MidSummer celebrations in Celtic (and other) cultures and spiritualities, theme for Solstice season and for the new lunar month beginning at Solstice  
  • Land (Talam),Middle World: connect with your  Inner Fire (the Solar Plexus),the herbs of MidSummer, six ways to honour Mama Earth with the herbs of Solstice in amulets and with oils and infusion, craft a Burla Ghuí (Irish for prayer bundle) 
  • Sea (Muir), Under World: Soul Work, magical connections with the Sídhe (the Faerie realms), journeys, rituals, exploring an animal ally associated with the Sea realm (Swan), celebrating International Fairy Day, a journey to meet your Fairy ally
  • Sky (Nem), Upper World: the medicine of the Sun, Moon and Stars; the "Summer Solstice Light My World" card layout (for Tarot or oracle cards),  the gods and goddesses of MidSummer, Soul-stice Soul Work including a ritual fire release for Solstice.    

And this month we introduce a new feature: Resources for your practice or Book of Shadows, introducing (or refreshing) concepts and activities that may be new to you, and which you can add to your personal Book of Shadows. They will tend to be core concepts, and not specific to any celebration in the Wheel of the Year, but ones  we will use in one or more of the lessons in this course. 

Many of these introductory concepts will eventually be the basis of more in-depth courses and workshops.

All course content will be available on June 13th. Follow at your own pace.