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Els van der Horst

Els practices as a certified Mindfulness Practitioner and Leadership Coach . Previously in Amsterdam, Els worked as a Dutch PA and Yoga teacher. Nicole practices as a certified Holistic Health Coach and Group Fitness Leader. Els and Nicole have teamed up to share their strengths and experience as they are passionate about a more sustainable world.

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About this course

90 days Mindful&Wellness@Work   

Learn through Mindfulness and Wellness

 - This 90 day program contains cutting edge transformation, with the intention of creating a ripple effect. -

Employees and management receive the support needed to make lasting lifestyle changes.

M&W@W Offers Benefits of Mindfulness and Wellness

Mindfulness reduces anxiety, reduces implicit age and race bias, prevents and treats depression, increases personal body satisfaction, improves cognition, helps the brain reduce distractions. Wellness helps in understanding how proper nutrition impacts the overall health of the body and mind. Meditation has been proven to resolve workplace conflicts.

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M&W@W is a self-paced course, only 10 minutes per day required, and you will have access to the course content for as long as you need it. 

Course Outline:

1)  90 day course, divided into 13 weeks, 6 topics, 10 minutes per day. 

2)  Live Webinars and Q&A every other week.

3)  Content includes videos, audio, text, learning resources, music, guided meditation library in the field of Mindfulness & Wellness.  

Warmest regards,

Els van der Horst & Nicole Baldrige