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Sheri Mahaney

Sheri Mahaney has worked as a therapist, career counselor, supervisor, staff mentor, group facilitator, and consultant throughout her career in the social services and higher education fields over the past 30 years. In that time, she has assisted thousands of clients and staff on interpersonal communication topics through workshops and retreats utilizing her expert knowledge of human behavior and the impact of personality differences on daily human interactions. She is a Nationally Certified Counselor, a trained NCDA Instructor of the Facilitating Career Development program, a qualified interpreter of the Myers-Briggs assessment and has teaching certification for the StrengthsQuest assessment. Sheri holds a B.S. degree in Human Development & Family Studies from Cornell University and a Masters in Social Work, occupational social work concentration, from Syracuse University.

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About this course

 The NCDA Facilitating Career Development (FCD) Program 

Training Requirements:  In order to become FCD certified, participants must complete a total of 120 hours of in-depth training in the 12 Competencies of a Career Services Provider instructed by a nationally trained and qualified instructor.  The 120 hours of training includes the following:

  • 24 hours of face-to-face time with your instructor via a video conferencing system (i.e. Zoom, Skype, etc.)
  • 56 hours of online/reading homework
  • 40 hours of fieldwork and projects which will be specified in class

Credential Eligibility:  Once FCD certified, participants are eligible to apply for the NCDA Certified Career Services Provider (CCSP) credential.  Additionally, those who have completed FCD certification and meet the additional educational and career services experience requirements, are eligible to obtain the Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) credential offered by the Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE).

Instruction Specifics:  Typically, the FCD course takes 3-5 months to complete in order to finish all 120 required hours.  The length of the course is dependent on the needs of the individual participant(s) and the course can be designed to be completed by one individual or a group cohort. All class assignments are completed and submitted via an e-learning site and the 24 hours of face-to-face instruction is completed using a virtual conferencing system, or by phone.  The course can also be offered to a group in a hybrid classroom model where the face-to-face contact occurs in a physical classroom and the class assignments are completed through the e-learning site.

Course Curriculum:  The course design contains weekly assigned readings from the Facilitating Career Development: Student Manual, 4th Edition and includes one or more of the following: a reading and reflection assignment, a journaling lesson, and/or an open book quiz.  You will be taught how to create an online portfolio to collect your assignments and reflect on what they are teaching you in terms of the 12 NCDA competencies.  This portfolio will also provide you with a body of work at the end of the course for future reference in your current position and longer-term career.  Some journaling assignments require online and/or field research such as information interviews or a visit to your local workforce agency.

In addition to the weekly assignments, there are three longer experiential assignments that include short written papers and one final project.  These experiential assignments help you to experience what you are learning, apply the lessons to your daily working life and to help you reflect on your own career development.

Required Textbook:  The FCD Student Manual is required and must be purchased through the NCDA resource store at: