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Kelli May-Krenz

I believe in creating everyday. For me creating is like breathing, I simply must do it. I have so many interests when it comes to creating. I love painting, stitching, graphic design, illustration and everything I can possible make in my studio. I spend my days dreaming up things that make me happy hoping that by sharing others will fill their happy up too! I like using materials that are found in nature and around our spaces. I am a huge believer in finding joy in creating with very little. I treasure my life, knowing every single day I am lucky to be here.

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About this Course

This vision board course is like no other.  We will dig in deep with my outline of questions & mindful coaching.  As in all of my artwork, there will be many layers (this is NOT a "clipping words and pictures from magazines" course.  

We will create backgrounds that speak to our answers & clearly define our wildest wishes and dreams. Step by step, section by section we will create our 2019 vision board, or journal if you wish. Manifesting your goals!