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Renee Schwartz

Hello! I have four children (ages 18, 16, 15, and 5) and I have been a Waldorf homeschool consultant since 2005. Thousands of people a year from around the world visit my website. I hold an M.S. in Curriculum & Instruction, with additional training in Waldorf, Montessori, and Reggio Emilia methods. I am currently part of Cycle 11 of the Applied Arts Program for Waldorf Handwork teachers ( I am also the lead teacher at Little Bluestem, a homeschool co-op located in Southern Illinois ( I share my ongoing collection of curriculum notes from my own classroom for free online at

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About this course

Welcome to this short 5-day course on block planning for the Man and Animal main lesson. This rich fourth grade topic is filled with Science, Art, and Poetry. Get specific guidance on what should be included -- and when -- in this block, as well as whether to do one block or two. Join an experienced Waldorf homeschool teacher and consultant, and a community of fellow homeschoolers planning this exact same main lesson block, for plenty of specific help and support. This course is aimed at homeschoolers who are already familiar with the Waldorf method, but would appreciate extra feedback and encouragement in planning this block. Make friends and ask questions as you work through this inspiring, do-able, step by step course. Just $25.00. This is a 'go at your own pace course' and you can refer to it forever!