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Gina Campbell

As a certified Clean Language Practitioner with 25 years of counseling and teaching experience, Gina offers in person and online training in Clean Language processes, as well as individual sessions for personal growth and development via the Internet. She is the author of four books on Clean Language.

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About this course

Therapists,  life coaches, and other helping and healing professionals world-wide are incorporating Clean Language techniques into their work, using them to help clients self-identify their best path forward and make quicker progress toward change than they might using other techniques. If you'd like to learn more about  Clean Language, this free introductory course  provides you with an overview of the technique, the rationale, and the chance to view and study one live session with a client.  Register now to see how Clean Language techniques can improve your skills, and help you more effectively and efficiently guide the clients with the right question, at the right time, asked in the right way.