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Exploring the Possibilities in Learner Centered Education. Online and In-Person Education for Early Childhood Professionals.

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About this Course

Thank you for your interest in joining our online learning community. We look forward to working and learning together

The classroom environment is the working space of the school. The space where ideas are generated, tested, and discoveries are made. It is the place of connection where educators, children, and families form friendships and build community. It is different spaces within the whole that invite and influence our connections to the world. The spaces we design for children have a great influence on the learning experience. It is important that we take into consideration the elements that are an essential part of a thoughtful design. 

In our approximately 3 hour course, The Elements of Space Design: An Investigation into Transforming Classroom Environments, we will investigate the process of thinking, evaluating, and acting intentionally when designing or re-designing spaces where children play and learn. 

Our Essential Questions

Essential Questions are the basis for the inquiry for our work together.

  • What are the environmental factors that greatly influence space design?
  • How does observation contribute and influence the re-design of an existing space?
  • What are the essential elements of space design?
  • How do we create intentions and generate ideas for a new space design?

Our course, The Elements of Space Design, has seven lessons to support us in thinking about how we can transform learning spaces.

  • Lesson 1: Course Navigation
  • Lesson 2: Orientation (the lesson we are in now)
  • Lesson 3: Environment as the Third Teacher
  • Lesson 4 : Observation and Assessment
  • Lesson 5: The Basics of Design
  • Lesson 6: Creating a New Space
  • Lesson 7: Conclusion: Bringing Our Thoughts Together

 We hope you will join us.