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Stacy Dymalski is an author, writing and publishing coach, filmmaker, story editor, comedian, and award-winning speaker. Branded as The Memoir Midwife, and the author of THE MEMOIR MIDWIFE: NINE STEPS TO SELF-PUBLISHING YOUR BOOK, Stacy uses her experience as a film producer and comedian, as well as her professional training as a storytelling to help people find, write, and share their own stories in the form of books and movies. She has helped hundreds of authors and filmmakers achieve their storytelling goals. Find out more about Stacy and how she can help you achieve YOUR storytelling goals by going to her website, For information about Stacy's books, movies, and comedy, check out Stacy's author page on Amazon and her film and TV credits

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About this Course


(Silver Level)



My online course 7 Steps to Turn Your Story Into a Book is designed to help you write a first draft of your book (or a solid rewrite if you already have a draft) even if you don't consider yourself a writer--even it you've never written anything! Focusing on story structure, the steps in this seven-week course are lessons that systematically prepare you to sit down and write, or rewrite to add flow and structure to your existing manuscript. Either way, after taking this course, you'll know what it takes to start a manuscript or rewrite an existing manuscript, getting you that much closer to finishing your book.  

I know not everyone who wants to write their story can afford to hire a private story consultant. So I've taken my story development process that I use with my private clients and created an affordable online course that teaches you how to structure your story and write it from beginning to end, breaking it down into these seven steps:

Step 1) Find the Message of Your Story

Get clear on the wisdom you want to share.

Step 2) Build Your Story's Structure

Structure your story with a beginning, middle, and end that makes sense, flows, and supports your message.

Step 3) Summarize Your Story

Professionally summarize your story, because if you can't tell it in 750 words, you can't do it in 200 pages.

Step 4) Create Your Story's Outline

Create a professional story outline that you can actually use to keep you on track while you write.

Step 5) Write Your Story's Introduction 

Write your backstory so you know exactly where to start your story in your book.

Step 6) Prepare to Write

Set up a professional, dedicated writing space and establish rituals that actually encourage you to write.

Step 7) Write Your Book Manuscript

Plan your writing schedule into your busy life (just like you would an exercise program) so you find time to write.


To provide options that fit every budget, I offer my 7 Steps to Turn Your Story Into a Book online course at three price points; 

Silver (cost $297)

The Silver option is the simplest and most affordable way to ease into writing your story. The course is completely online and has seven self-paced lessons (referred to as "steps," as shown above) that are released to you weekly. You can sign up any time you like (there is no stop-and-start schedule), and when you do, the first and second steps are available to you the moment you sign up. After that, each new step is released to you in one-week increments. You do not have to complete one step to receive the next, but it's better if you complete a step before you progress to the next.

So, for example, if you signed up on a Tuesday, you'd immediately receive STEP 1 and STEP 2, and then after that a new step is released to you every Tuesday, until the course is complete (Step 7 being the last lesson). Each step has videos, exercises, and handouts that walk you through the process of developing your story, so that you have clarity when it comes time for you to write your manuscript in Step 7. 

And for a limited time, after you complete Step 7, I'll give you a one-hour phone or Skype consultation free of charge in which any of the following can occur:

1) You ask me any questions relating to your story and/or the course
2) We discuss your goals and expectations for writing a book
3) I go over your answers from the exercises in the course with you
4) We do a combination the above (whatever fits into a one hour)

This is a $150 value absolutely free and included with the course.

To sign up for the Silver level, simply scroll to the top of this page and click on the REGISTER NOW button in the upper right corner.

“My only regret is that I didn’t take this course before I wrote a first draft of my book. It would’ve improved my story and saved me countless hours.”

—Dick Gary, writer

Gold (cost $597)

The Gold level of 7 Steps to Turn Your Story Into a Book  offers everything in Silver, PLUS three live, one-hour webinars with Stacy (in weeks 2, 4, and 6 of the course) during which Stacy provides a deep dive into:

  • WEBINAR 1: Secrets to Finding the Message of Your Story (expanding on Step 1 of the course)
  • WEBINAR 2: Getting to Know Your Story's Structure (expanding Step 2 of the course
  • WEBINAR 3: The pros and cons of self-publishing your book (this is bonus material outside the course curriculum)

The Gold level is a great option for students who want:

  • Semi-weekly (every other week) access to me (your instructor) throughout the course
  • The opportunity to get answers to questions while taking the course
  • Additional  instruction on the importance of your story's message and structure
  • Valuable information and insights on self-publishing versus traditional publishing

Because the webinars are live (similar to a classroom experience) the Gold level of 7 Steps to Turn Your Story into a Book has a specific start and end date, and is offered only four times a year.

For course dates and more information on the Gold level option of 7 Steps to Turn Your Story Into a Book, please click HERE

“Stacy combines clarity with her gifted wit to to keep the course fun and productive. I engaged flexibly on my own time to do the ‘work,’ then anticipated Stacy’s interactive webinars to cover a spectrum of questions. You will absolutely love her pragmatic and upbeat coaching.”  

—Bonnie Bedford Park, author of Brides of 1941 (the first book in a trilogy)

Platinum ($897) 

The Platinum level of 7 Steps to Turn Your Story Into a Book  offers everything in Silver and Gold, plus:

  • 3 group Q&A calls (in weeks 3, 5, and 7 of the course)

Plus the first 10 people to sign up for the Platinum level receive the following free BONUS:

  • I will review the first 25 pages of your manuscript (or your written coursework), and then...
  • I will go over my feedback with you in a one-hour call

This  BONUS is a $300 value (an hour to read and critique your work and an hour to go over it with you).

The Platinum level is the prefect option for students who want want: 

  • Weekly access to me (your instructor) throughout the course
  • The interaction with and support of other students going through the same process of developing and writing their stories
  • Direct feedback of the student's writing by me (your instructor)

Because the webinars and Q&A calls are live the Platinum level of 7 Steps to Turn Your Story into a Book has a specific start and end date, and it's offered only four times a year.

For course dates and more information on the Platinum level option of 7 Steps to Turn Your Story Into a Book, please click HERE

“Being a visual learner, I really like the videos, and the examples written out of the Stacy’s 3-5-3 rule in Step 3. That resonated with me.”

—Carly Stenmark, author of More Than a Manicure: the Nail Files


In all cases (Silver, Gold, Platinum) the  goal of 7 Steps to Turn Your Story into a Book is for you to develop your story with a rock-solid story structure, and a clear message, so that you can write your manuscript with clarity and focus. In all three course options you get the tools you need to help you work toward that goal. 

How will you feel a year from now if you haven't
finished your manuscript?

What is it worth to finally know how to
write your book?

Your book will never get done
unless you get started.

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“I really got a lot from this course and I see a structure for my book now.”  

—Sally Hallada, writer