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Denise butchko

Denise Butchko

I love when great design and great marketing work together. And that's what I'm here to do - help design/build pros grow their businesses. By teaching and collaborating, everyone makes progress together.

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About this course

Closet Design 101

Learn How To Effectively Design and Utilize

Closet Space For Your Clients


This 3-part course includes:

  • "Closet Design Beyond Measure" closet design guide filled with insights, tips and concrete info on the best approaches to designing effective closets.

  • Three sessions with Wendy Scott and Denise Butchko (and perhaps some special guest star appearances) where you'll learn more about design and marketing closets than you ever imagined

  • Design exercises to test your design muscle with what you've learned and how you're progressing.


If you're wanting to learn about closet design, or want to become better at closet design – this the opportunity for you to make that happen! 

Join ACSP incoming president (and master designer) Wendy Scott and ACSP Board Member (and master designer) Denise Butchko for three live sessions.

We're taking my years of experience and insights – along with our very festive personality and putting them into a teaching format complete with design exercises, a design guide and live sessions - sharing not only design instructions, but sales and marketing insights.

It's a course you won't want to miss!

No specific software is required. You can hand draw or you can use whatever software you're currently using. We're big fan of KCD Software and will be using that software, but it's not required for getting full benefit from the course.

Anyone can measure a space and install hanging and shelves. This class will empower you to go beyond the "man with a van and a plan" mentality and really design space effectively.

In this course you will learn through reading material, videos and actual design exercises.

Here's What You'll Learn:

At the end of the first session you will:

  • Be able to effectively design a Reach In Closet.
  • Incorporate the needs of the client and understand how to work around basic obstacles like ledges or electric panels.
  • Know what information you need to record and which measurements you need to take in order to effectively design a solution for their client. 
  • Have an understanding of common industry terms and structures utilized in everyday closet design.


At the end of the second session you will:

  •  Be able to effectively design Basic Walk In Closets while including as many of the items on the client wish list as possible.
  •  Have guidelines on the best place to locate things like shoe shelves, drawers, double hang and long hang.

At the end of the third session you will:

  • Be confident in taking on more complex closet design scenarios like Walk In Closets with obstacles and specific budgetary contraints that they might receive from the builder, developer or actual client.


This course includes the best closet design guide available today - created by someone with over a decade of closet design and training experience (that would be me - Denise Butchko - Master Storage Designer, Top Shelf Award Winner and Judge, Editorial Contributor to Closets magazine and The WoodWorking Network and creator of some of the most divine custom storage solutions on the planet ). It's an insider's guide to designing inside the closet.

Click on the link below to register for the first session. Your ACSP membership will be verified. Upon verification, you'll be sent a link to the actual course materials for "Closet Design 101". You'll need to create an account and a password and then you can dive right in to the details.  There's plenty of helpful info, video, and design assignments that will get you ready for the first of three live sessions.