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Exploring the Possibilities in Learner Centered Education. Online and In-Person Education for Early Childhood Professionals.

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About this course

Thank you for your interest in joining our online learning community. We look forward to working and learning together.

Learning is a personal process for children. They have an innate curiosity for what captures their interest and attention. Learning for children is a whole body process that includes their intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development. Children's learning is embedded in their cultural context and their opportunities, communities, and families influence how they learn. 

Our approximately 2 hour workshop, Exploring Deeply: Creative Thinking in Early Childhood, introduces us to the ways that young children build theories in their daily lives. As educators, we hope this workshop challenges your own thinking about the infinite capabilities of young children to lead the construction of their knowledge of the world around them.  

Essential Questions are the basis for the inquiry and our work together.

  • How do we support young children as theory builders in their own work?
  • How do we create classrooms of inquiry?  
  • How do we become co-learners with the children?

Our course, Exploring Deeply: Fostering Explorations in Early Childhood, is an opportunity to examine how children use theory building to create connections from their experiences and how we can support children as educators. You will learn about the theory building process, what it is, and how children engage in this practice. You will learn how our image of the child affects our role of supporting young children as explorers. Together we will examine children's theory building and the actions we can engage in to create classrooms of inquiry. Finally we will examine the "metaphor of the ball toss" and how to become better co-learners with young children.

Thank you for your interest in this workshop.

We hope you will join us.

Greg and Ingrid