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Buzz Community B Com, LLC, Las Vegas, NV

B COM, LLC is the company name. It stands for "BUZZ COMMUNITY" and is licensed in the city of Las Vegas and state of Nevada. B COM is a business dedicated to coaching, mentoring, and consulting individuals who want buzz in their lives. This can mean creating a positive excitement and it can mean a positive rush or feeling. Services are provided by Woody Goulart, Ph.D. Dr. Woody is an experienced business leader, coach, consultant, digital marketer, mentor, and trainer of adults.

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About this Course

Professional sales skills coaching designed especially for the cannabis industry sets you directly on the path to success. Don't take chances with your career by not taking advantage of this coaching.

The desired outcome of this sales skills coaching is you become more successful and happier. You can keep your employment longer with sales skills coaching compared to not enrolling in this coaching.     

This professional sales skills coaching program was especially created to build and bolster interpersonal communication skills of cannabis industry employees. Why? To switch the sales focus where it belongs instead of upon cannabis products, you get to focus upon cannabis customers. This sales skills coaching and training program is unique because it aims for sales success with customers who are from two huge generations known as Baby Boomers and Generation X. But the sales skills you learn will work with ANY generation of your customers.

 A Clear and Timely Opportunity for You

Sales of cannabis products to older customers differs in many ways from sales of cannabis products to younger customers. Here's why:

  • Today employees who work at cannabis establishments tend to be in their 20s and 30s.

  • Expecting to succeed in sales of cannabis products without using generational awareness and adapting to the generations could be a costly career mistake for you from which you may never recover.

  • Anyone of any age can learn sales-oriented interpersonal communication skills that work with older customers assuming you can find the correct professional coach or trainer.

The expanding cannabis industry today is working hard 
to attract tens of millions of Baby Boom and Gen X customers.

This presents a remarkably clear and timely opportunity for you 

to build new professional skills to safeguard your career in the cannabis industry.

A professional coach and trainer is now available for you today from Las Vegas!

The special focus on generation-specific strategies and tactics can make all the difference in whether you stand out from others in selling cannabis products. Without such coaching you may only stay employed in the cannabis industry for just a year or two because your sales performance without such coaching is in serious jeopardy.

It's a very big mistake to think that working in the cannabis industry in sales is easy and relaxed because cannabis products help people relax, have fun, and avoid pain. The truth is: Working in sales in the cannabis business requires top-notch sales skills that nobody is born with.

This professional sales skills coaching gives you 7 sections (or lessons) delivered online to any device. You can go back and repeat any lesson you wish in any order of your choice. Your access to this online delivery never expires.

It may help you to think of this coaching program as being the same or similar as if you put in a "full day" (about 7 hours) at a place of employment.

You will get about 7 hours of total instruction time to teach and train you to develop cannabis sales skills:

  • Preparing your mind so you can succeed in face-to-face cannabis sales
  • Controlling and modifying your emotions to win over your customers
  • Listening and speaking face-to-face with your customers
  • How to sell cannabis products in dispensaries as a budtender
  • Adapting what you say to the particular generation of your customer
  • What you need to know for successful employment in today‚Äôs cannabis industry

New Business Skills for You...Here's what you'll learn in this new kind of sales coaching and training:  

When it comes to being persuasive and successful in cannabis product sales to Boomers and Gen Xers, you can be as important to sales process as the cannabis products themselves. 

Anyone of any age has the exact same opportunity to shine brighter and stand out from others!

Also Included in This Special Coaching and Training...

When you enroll in this cannabis sales coaching and training you get four additional outcomes:

Online coaching and training sessions that you can go back to and repeat as often as you like (even when that's at 4:15 in the morning!) Once you are enrolled in this special coaching and training your access to this web-based material is yours to keep as long as you have a valid username and password to get in. 

One-to-one email mentoring between your professional coach/trainer and you. This personalized and customized text-based mentoring will be available to you for ONE YEAR from the date that you enroll in this special sales coaching and training.

 Downloadable resources that you can keep and use repeatedly at your convenience at any time. These include MP4 videos, MP3 audio, and, pdfs.

 Networking and social interaction opportunities for you with others in the cannabis industry using a special online community open exclusively to those who are enrolled in this special sales coaching and training.