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LearningWorks for Kids is proud to announce the launch of LearningWorks Live: an online executive function training program consisting of small-group workshops and game-based training sessions. Through this program, kids will work in small groups with our expert Gamer Guides and Educational Technology specialists to build and improve executive functions. Our video-conference based sessions focus on brain-training with educational games and apps, and cover a variety of issues, ranging from improving focus and organization skills to learning strategies for coping with ADHD. In our game-based sessions, kids will meet with our Gamer Guides inside private servers on games like Minecraft, where they will be given fun and challenging activities to build and improve executive functions.

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About this course

Building Skills With Fortnite is a home-based program that transforms playing Fortnite into an opportunity for developing executive functions and social and emotional learning skills. This program brings kids ages 8-15  into a creative session of fortnite, and is intended for those who are struggling with  focus and attention-related learning challenges.

Playing Fortnite Creative with our Gamer Guides is always about having fun in a safe environment, but we find ways to sprinkle in strategies that help kids connect game-based skills to real-world learning.

Please note: unlike other LearningWorks Live Programs, this will be a one-session workshop, taking place on Wednesday, February 27 from 6:00 - 7:30 PM EST