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About this Course

Are you ready to go on an adventure through Australia and New Zealand, with me as your guide? 

This spring, we’ll be exploring the wildlife, naturescapes, florals, and wild and domestic animals found in the most awe-inspiring destinations on the globe. 

Save the money on air fare and avoid the hassle of packing a bag - everything you’ll need for this adventure will be within the comfort of your home! All you’ll need are your painting supplies, an adventurous mindset, and an enthusiasm for painting exciting subjects with fellow art enthusiasts like yourself.

Designed for varying levels of experience, the lessons will be rolled out over 8 weeks and you’ll have access for a full year. For twelve whole months, you’ll be able to experience the wonders of the Australian and New Zealand countrysides. Paint at your own pace, and enjoy the beauty, spectacle, and adventure of these amazing destinations in your time!