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Nicole Mixdorf

Nicole Mixdorf is a certified Corporate Wellness Specialist and the CEO of Balance by Nature. She is passionate about spreading wellness into the corporate world and inspiring people to be the very best that they can be.

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About this course


You will learn simple exercises to do at your desk whenever you need a break to alleviate muscle tension from sitting all day. You will also learn breathing and meditation techniques for reducing stress that you can easily use throughout the day. And most importantly, you will discover how to completely shift your mindset to create more joy, success, opportunities and abundance in your life.


This is an online wellness event that includes a series of 10-minute daily videos to inspire you to live a healthier, happier life. 

  • Day 1:       Let Go of Stress Instantly
  • Day 2:       Take a Mindful Moment
  • Day 3:       Time for a Movement Break 
  • Day 4:       Smoothie Time
  • Day 5:       Get up and Stretch
  • Day 6:       How to Let Go of Negativity
  • Day 7:       Overcoming Obstacles
  • Day 8:       Stress Reduction Breathing Exercise
  • Day 9:       Standing Desk Break
  • Day 10:    Energy Tapping 
  • Day 11:    Mindfulness Meditation
  • Day 12:    Stress Reduction Tips
  • Day 13:    Creating Your Dream Life
  • Day 14:    Tennis Ball Massage
  • Day 15:    Gratitude Meditation
  • Day 16:    Discover Your Purpose
  • Day 17:    How to Eliminate Limiting Beliefs
  • Day 18:   Office Productivity Tips
  • Day 19:    Movement Break
  • Day 20:    Healthy Breakfast Demo
  • Day 21:    Creating Your Wellness Plan