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Edward Edman

Spent 30 years in manufacturing of photo and digital type as a designer, typographer, and manager. Customers ranged from greeting card companies and a math software company to Apple and Microsoft. Taught Typography, Design, Art History, and History of Graphic Design at the Art Institute of Washington (Arlington, VA) and the University of Maryland University College—both online and resident. Book layout projects include **Northeast Baltimore and Its Neighborhoods: 1870–1970**, Towson University Press. Graduate and post-graduate degrees in Publication Design from the University of Baltimore. Started at Liberty University in 2005: Typography, Graphic Design, Publishing Design, Web Design, and Drawing—undergraduate and graduate/residential and online.

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About this course

Typography for Everyone: Demystifying Type (Level one); a 4-week pilot course.

This is an introduction to the world of type for users with experience in  word processing on a day-to-day basis. Recommended programs include Microsoft Word, Corel Word Perfect, Apache Open Office—in other words, full-featured word processing software.  Other programs can be used, but might prove frustrating when the desired results cannot be obtained. Access to a conversion program/service for creating PDFs is necessary so that your exercises can be viewed by everyone.

All assignments and presentations allow for feedback. Although this is not really a software instruction class, I can provide a certain level of guidance and instruction when necessary.

Contact me directly if you are wondering whether this class is appropriate for you: