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Rosemary Levesque

Rosemary claims her brilliance as a Reiki Master/Shaman, Certified Vibrational Sound Master Teacher, and Licensed Spiritual Healer. Her training as a biology teacher easily translates into building online courses that relate to you in your life. Her first book, Heal Together - Natural Health Solutions for Animals and Their Humans, brings you healing wisdom for working with health in a natural way, especially for animals in crisis. Rosemary's world-wide experiences as a healer and an educator help guide you through the process of self-discovery and empowerment as an Illuminated Being. Now living in Portland, Oregon, Rosemary teaches Shamanic Reiki and Vibrational Sound Classes, and offers private Integrative Healing sessions. She writes with a bird on her shoulder and a dog at her feet.

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About this Course

Why Pursue Natural Pet Health Alternatives?

You want as much time with your pet as possible, a good quality of life, and to do NO HARM.

Whether your pet is young or showing signs of aging, Natural Pet Health Alternatives supports you and your animal from PREVENTION to ULTIMATE CARE.

  • You're looking for answers and medical help doesn't seem to be working as well as it should.
  • Your dog has been diagnosed with cancer and you prefer not to use chemotherapy.
  • You're open to natural pet health alternatives, but don't know where to begin.
  • You've been told there's no hope, but your pet's eyes are telling you to keep looking.

What Are You And Your Pet Facing?

Something's wrong - and maybe the vet has already given you a diagnosis - cancer? diabetes? heart disease? arthritis? Now that you know what you're dealing with, are you ready to look at all your options? If you're feeling frustrated with conventional medicine and therapies, you might be ready to explore a more natural way to support your pet's healing and recovery.


Your search has led you here, to discover a different way to look at healthy living, to incorporate common-sense healing alternatives, supplements and techniques without causing harm and to understand the true connections we have with our animal companions.

I've researched, selected, and personally used supplements and essential oils. I can teach you how to offer nourishing food and how to avoid typical mistakes.
As an intuitive healer, I can offer communication with your pet and energy healing to help you better understand your journey - because HEALING IS A JOURNEY.

Healing Goes Both Ways

As you assist your pets on their healing journey, you may find that you are also healed. If you are open, take the opportunity to grow beyond your expectations and beyond the limits of conventional medicine. Begin incorporating natural healing alternatives as a complement to your current protocols. However, you may soon discover that the natural products and therapies offered here work quite well on their own!

What's In The Course

I cover all things relevant to Natural Healing for Pets.

That means No Chemo, No Prescription Diet, No Big Vet Bills.

I teach you what you need to know what your pet needs to help Prevent Illness and  Get Healthy.

I address your Greatest Concerns. Explore these units and others in my course as needed:

  • Warning Signs of Disease - Even Before a Diagnosis
  • Aging, Disease & Injury
  • What's Your Pet Trying to Tell You?
  • Pet Supplements, Essential Oils, and Real Food
  • Your Pet's Best Solutions
  • Not Your Ordinary Pet Supplements
  • Essential Oils Prioritize Safety & Effectiveness
  • Pet Food Made with Love by You
  • Holistic Treatments You Can Learn and Do At Home


These Chapters are not in the original Heal Together book, but I offer them to you as an extra Bonus:

  • Light Therapy
  • Essential Oil Recipes
  • Sound Healing Therapy
  • DIY Massage and Acupressure Points
  • Animal Communication

Hear From Others Who've Been There

"5 weeks ago, her diagnosis was grim.  Death row. If you can't keep anything down, sort the end. Of course I wasn't using the Vet (for traditional testing and medications) , so maybe they would have tried something else besides suggesting the ultrasound.  But, all she offered me was Predisone (which she couldn't keep down). That was the day before we met you."
"Well it has been a long 5+ weeks, but I am so thankful that we are back to normal.  She had a raw bone yesterday along with a couple of squares of  liver biscuits (just before bed, mind you).  She is looking for something to eat these days.  I gave her about 5 of the liver biscuits a little while ago.  She has been dry the past couple of nights.  A while ago she was stretched out on her back all twisted.  Healthy never felt so good!"
Patricia W., Milwaukie, OR May 2018

"I cannot thank you enough for sharing your wisdom with me and my 8 year old Boxer, Chuck.  Before reading your book (Heal Together) and talking with you, Chuck was your typical 8 year old Boxer, who had broken his radius and ulna two years ago and who had a stereotypical Boxer history of mast cell tumors, ear infections, itchy skin, an easy to upset stomach (that would gurgle so loud I could hear it in the other room) and seasonal flank alopecia that left him with significant in size, dry and flaky bald spots on his back that showed no hope of growing fur.  He also had started acting like what you would expect from an "old dog" and no matter how often I bathed him, he would leave an oily residue on your hand if you pet him.  Around Christmas, someone commented that he looked "swollen" as if he had gained a bunch of weight (which he did not).'

"After talking with you on the phone, and establishing a holistic approach to better Chuck's health, my husband thought I had lost my mind.  However, after only two months of following your recommended approach, we (including my husband!) are astonished at the changes we have seen so far and the changes we continue to see every single day.'

"I'm excited to report that Chuck no longer has to take antihistamines daily, nor does he have to take famotidine to treat his upset stomach any longer.  He hasn't had an ear infection since following your recommendations, he is no longer scratching, his coat is soft, shiny and no longer leaves a residue on your hands and I can't believe I'm saying this, but in two months, his seasonal flank alopecia seems to be resolving itself and his fur is growing back!  His energy level has skyrocketed and I've caught him on many occasions just galloping in the backyard.  I've also noticed he isn't uncontrollably thirsty as he seemed to be a few months ago and he no longer looks swollen and instead looks trim and lean.'

"I am grateful to have found you, am glad I didn't find you at a point that would be too late, and wish I would have found you sooner.  The only thing I have to do at this point in time is get around to teaching my husband how to prepare meals for the dogs, how to administer their supplements and how to apply their essential oils.  :)'

"Can't thank you enough.  We look forward to keeping in touch with you!" Janine and Chuck, IL