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Kay Taylor

Kay is a visionary guide and evolutionary astrologer, integrating intuition, psychosynthesis, yoga and spiritual healing for over 35 years.

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About this Course

This is an experiential workshop blending practical soul centered astrology, intuitive awakening, intention and yoga. During the workshop, at 2:46 pm, the New Moon in Taurus will occur. We will definitely take advantage of that new start energy to set personal intentions. We’ll also talk about the new cycle of the planet Uranus in the sign of Taurus for the next seven years, and what is actually happening on this planet from a higher perspective.

Uranus, the Aquarian planet, is the electrical planet of liberation, rebellion, authenticity and freedom. Wherever it is in your chart is where you break away from conditioned patterns, and where you need to be free. It’s a bit of a creative challenge for it to be in the sign of Taurus, which represents the earth, security, ease and peace. How are we going to liberate ourselves in a way that is grounded? How can we break out of old patterns to take care of the planet? 

This change actually began last May but deepened in early March. 

What needs to change radically in your life and what steps are you meant to take? 

What changes or new choices did you make or consider in those early summer months? 

How has your life changed from 2011 to now -- the Uranus in Aries cycle that planted some seeds? 

How will you tend your awakening garden in the upcoming years?

Let’s take that deep dive and create an inner shift!


Preregistration required. Your birth data is needed to have your chart prepared. You will be contacted for info if we don't have it already. 

The astrology is simple though—no previous knowledge required. This change occurs in one area of your life, affecting core needs in another area of your life (unless you’re 84 years old!)