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Lorrie Webb Grillo

Lorrie Webb Grillo is a Certified Practitioner of Essential Feng Shui® and owner of Thriving Spaces Feng Shui in Denver, Colorado. As a graduate of the Western School of Feng Shui™ , she practices a western cultural interpretation of the ancient principles of Form School Feng Shui. One of her goals is to teach these principles to her clients so that they can bring Feng Shui into their lives as a process – not just a project – for change. For ten years she's been teaching through the Colorado Free University, the Denver Public Library and through many private workshops. She's been teaching live Vision Board workshops using Feng Shui principles since 2016. Her workshop attendees have seen amazing results and she brings this workshop to online audiences today.

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About this course

Welcome to Create A Vision Board That Works Using Feng Shui -- a workshop to help you envision and manifest a fabulous future, in all aspects of your life.

A Vision board is a collection of images that represents the hopes, goals, and dreams you have for your future.  The images are mounted on a poster board and hung in a place that you can see every day.  Vision Boards are proactive, intentional and fun.  And they work even better when you use feng shui!

Come with me now to learn the feng shui organizing principles – the Bagua, Five Elements and Yin/Yang balance – to design and create your vision board.  With feng shui to guide you, you will balance your vision with work, rest, and play using images to express your dreams and goals for your career, health, wealth, family, love life and more! 

Testimonials for this course:

I loved this course! Great content! It ended up being an amazing exercise that everybody should do. Before going through the course and having to work on my board, I thought it would be just a fun activity. What I realized is that this is a powerful and eye-opening exercise as you face different areas of your life and hard questions to answer. Do it! You'll learn important things!        Andi Oliveira

A straight-forward, easy to understand, quick way of creating a vision board to acquire the things you want in your life.   -Kristin M.

Lorrie's gentle enthusiasm, her knowledge, and her clear instructions made the whole experience simple and easy to follow. I was intrigued beforehand and inspired afterwards by the impact this experience provided on my plans for the year ahead. A great use of time and energy. Thank you LG.