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Gretchen Gegg

My name is Gretchen Gegg, M.Ed. and I specialize in helping people who are OVERWHELMED with all the health and wellness information out there. I break it down, help them make sense of things and we work together to put thier Mind Into Motion! I have over 20 years experience in the fitness industry including 10 years working in higher education. My PASSION is education and my PURPOSE is serving.

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About this course

Is there a battle in your body? 

Do you feel like everyday is a struggle?

You've tried every workout  under the sun and nothing has worked.

You aren't at a healthy weight, working out is a bad word, your body is sick and you ARE SICK OF IT!!!!

Relax, mama! I've got you! 

Let me be your fitness coach!

You are so worth it!

It's time to STOP taking action and START putting your MIND INTO MOTION!

Welcome to MiMo: The Workouts!!  The Mind Into Motion method to true and lasting health, wellness AND WEIGHT LOSS!!

This isn't your average fitness program.


  • 16 short and varied workouts designed for ALL ability levels (seriously!) - includes cardio and yoga and chair options for every pose/exercise
  • a 4-week workout calendar (M-F ONLY no weeeknds) to jumpstart your fitness
  • access to our private support group with LIVE monthly workouts
  • lifetime access to MiMo: The Workouts

BONUS 1: Workout library - access to past MiMo workouts so you NEVER get bored! This is constantly growing!

BONUS 2: Quick Fix library - access to SUPER SHORT, energy increasing power moves to do on those days when you think "I just don't have time!"

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