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Stacy Dymalski

Stacy Dymalski is an author, writing and publishing coach, filmmaker, story editor, comedian, and award-winning speaker. Branded as The Memoir Midwife, and the author of THE MEMOIR MIDWIFE: NINE STEPS TO SELF-PUBLISHING YOUR BOOK, Stacy uses her experience as a film producer and comedian, as well as her professional training as a storytelling to help people find, write, and share their own stories in the form of books and movies. She has helped hundreds of authors and filmmakers achieve their storytelling goals through her classes, workshops, and online courses. Find out more about Stacy and how she can help you achieve YOUR storytelling goals by going to her website, For information about Stacy's books, movies, and comedy, check out Stacy's author page on Amazon and her film and TV credits

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The Gold level of 7 Steps to Turn Your Story Into a Book  offers everything in Silver, PLUS three live, one-hour webinars with Stacy (in weeks 2, 4, and 6 of the course) during which Stacy provides a deep dive into:

  • WEBINAR 1: Secrets to Finding the Message of Your Story (expanding on Step 1 of the course)
  • WEBINAR 2: Getting to Know Your Story's Structure (expanding Step 2 of the course
  • WEBINAR 3: The pros and cons of self-publishing your book (this is bonus material outside the course curriculum)

Students can also ask Stacy questions during the live webinars via the online group chat.  

The Gold level is a great option for students who want:

  • Semi-weekly (every other week) access to an instructor
  • The opportunity to get answers to questions while taking the course (instead of after the course is over)
  • Additional  instruction on the importance of your story's message and structure
  • Valuable information and insights on the pros and cons of self-publishing versus traditional publishing

Because the webinars are live (similar to a classroom experience) the Gold level of 7 Steps to Turn Your Story into a Book has a specific start and end date, and it's offered only four times in 2019, as follows:

  • February 26 to April 9

  • April 23 to June 4

  • July 16 to August 27

  • September 17 to October 29

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