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Susie Johnson

I am a mom to 7, wife, blogger, swim coach, runner, and triathlete with a little bit of a potty mouth who used to be fat, out-of-shape, and depressed. Not anymore! What are your goals? I'll help you achieve them!

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About this course

Welcome to Not Your Average Holiday -- Staying On Track Through the New Year.

My name is Susie Johnson and I am a mother to 7. Our youngest is two, the oldest,16.

I get what it's like to be a mom. And I get what it's like to be a mom with little kids during the holidays.

The goal of this 7-week course? 

Enjoy the holidays, but get through them without gaining weight. Maybe even lose a pound or two.

The course will offer you

  • manageable workout goals and suggestions. No gym membership required.
  • daily emails
  • healthy meal and snack suggestions
  • a supportive group
  • accountability

It doesn't matter what your fitness level is.

You'll have the ability to crank it up if you need to.

So let's get going.

Let's end 2013 with a bang!