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Andrea is a visionary guide who supports women on a spiritual path to align with their soul calling. Andrea completed an MFA in Contemporary Art from the Glasgow School of Art, Scotland in 2003 and has been evolving her teaching practice ever since. Her work is a blend of Embodied Practice, Spiritual Healing, Intuitive Guidance and Facilitating Women's Circles. Andrea holds a healing space with a balance of steady presence, compassionate understanding and spiritual awareness. While supporting the precious gifts of vulnerability, Andrea nurtures a healing process for her clients, encouraging their own inner landscape of guidance to unfold from within.

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About this course

“Relationship represents the greatest challenge for the individual, for it is only in relationship to others that unresolved problems still existing within the individual psyche are affected and activated.” - Eva Pierrakos, The Pathwork to Self-Transformation

Every relationship we’ve ever had has left an indelible mark on who we are and has contributed to who we have become. Relationships move us the layer deeper inside ourselves into the truth of who we are and how we love. 

At the same time the most primary, complex and intimate relationship you will ever have is the one you have with yourself. From a spiritual perspective relationships are the most significant avenues to self-understanding.⠀

This is a free online class for women on the alchemy of relationships and how to heal from unhealthy patterns.⠀

In this time together we will discuss the theme of relationship as a process for transformation as well as a channel for greater self-awareness and understanding.⠀

You will learn how to identify core wounds that may be keeping you on repeat in patterns of unhealthy relationship, energetically ground in your body to create a safe space within yourself to connect with your authentic needs and desires while honoring and strengthening your intuitive ability to access clear guidance for what needs healing, release and expansion. ⠀

This class is offered from the very depth of my heart in service to the highest form of healing and transformation available for you (and all of us) at this time. If we want to see real changes in the world around us we have to start on the most intimate level of ourselves. Embracing our power and encouraging one another to do the same. ⠀

I hope you will join us.