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Cynthia Morris

Certified coach, author and artist, I have been coaching writers and artists since 1999. I thrive in the creative process and have published books, sold art and coached hundreds of people to their own creative success.

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About this Course

The Devoted Writer

October 1st - 31st, 2019

Yes, you. Devoted to your writing, finally, in the way you want. Ready for a fabulous writing month? 

In The Devoted Writer, you will establish a meaningful connection to your writing. You'll learn how to break down your goals and make satisfying progress on them. You'll learn how to show up for the writing on a consistent basis - whether you feel like it or not. 

You will feel a creative joy and freedom you’ve never accessed before. The lid will be blown off the writing treasure chest and you will access the richness that's been inside you the whole time.

While the structure of the The Devoted Writer is simple, the support and impact are game-changers. Here’s what you get:

  • Daily prompts to keep you juiced up, inspired, and on track. 
  • Coaching from Cynthia Morris, a certified coach and published author in the Devotion Zone – our private online classroom.
  • Instructions on how to develop a devoted writing practice:  developing your own prompts, tracking progress, making time no matter what,  instructions on the free-writing method and much more.
  • Accountability to do what you want – write every day. 
  • Our Monday Q&A sessions will give you support from a certified coach and author who has firsthand experience both writing consistently and helping others write.
  • Daily Writual Blessings to help you feed your writing devotion. 
  • One video conference call with Cynthia and the group. This one-hour calls will be recorded for those who cannot attend. Call takes place: Thursday October 3rd.
  • Private online classroom available 24/7 where you can connect with other writers or not, depending on your needs. 
  • So much more…this is a transformative class that goes beyond writing.