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Denise is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed, with over 30 years of dog training experience. Denise is a member of the APDT and was one of the first 500 people in the US to earn the distinction of being a CPDT. Denise understands the science of B.F. Skinner and Pavlov. “If Sea World can teach a Killer Whale to open his mouth for dental work, we as dog trainers and owners can teach our dogs to accept and enjoy wearing a muzzle.” This understanding of learning theory sets her apart as well as her empathy for the people and dogs she helps. Any dog regardless of breed or age can learn. When owners are educated & given knowledge to solve basic problems, dogs and owners will thrive. Denise has been published in the trade journal, Chronicle of the Dog. She hosts a monthly, live “Ask the Trainer” radio show on WKBK. She writes a monthly column in Everything Dog’s newsletter & she produced & hosted Doggie Dilemma’s a cable access Television show.

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About this Course

Muzzle Training Your Dog will LOVE!!

Welcome to our online, self-study course!

A  dog who loves wearing her basket muzzle can bring help you feel more comfortable and safe. You won't have to worry that your dog is going to bite someone or bite another dog. 

A dog who loves wearing her basket muzzle can enjoy more freedom, more trail hikes and more walks outside.

A  dog who loves wearing her basket muzzle can allow you to have guests over without the worry of biting. 

Training your dog to LOVE her muzzle has many benefits:

  1. Allows your dog more freedom
  2. Keeps people and animals safe
  3. Helps you relax so training will be more effective
  4. Helps your dog feel more relaxed
  5. Reduces stress at the veterinarian's office
  6. Provides you with peace of mind

We are very excited to offer you our Muzzle Training Course. This  8 module course has easy to follow steps with plenty of video examples as well as detailed written instructions. These are the same training steps that Denise uses with all her private training clients who need to have their dog comfortably wear a muzzle.

You can purchase Muzzle Training Your Dog Will LOVE now at the affordable price of $199. 

Don't wait! If you need peace of mind, buy now and begin training your dog to love wearing her muzzle.

This course is self-study. When you purchase it, you'll own it forever. You can start the course when it's convenient for you and you can take as long as you need to play the games and train your dog. 

Here is what a couple of Denise's clients have said about the process:

"When we recently adopted a new large dog, Varitek, he and our Boston Terrier started fighting.  We were not comfortable bringing them together fearing he would injure the smaller dog.  We were reluctant to muzzle him, but Denise made us comfortable that he could happily wear a basket muzzle.  Now that he is comfortable wearing the muzzle, it has given us the confidence to bring Varitek around smaller dogs.  Thanks to the muzzle we are all now happier and more relaxed."  ~ Winnie K., Massachusetts

“Denise’s knowledge of training techniques is impressive, she taught us how to get our rescue Great Dane to accept a basket muzzle using spray cheese as the reward. It worked. We can now have friends over and feel more relaxed and comfortable. We have been very successful when friends or family come to stay with us. We have her muzzled as people arrive. When everyone is comfortable we take it off and she’s fine and affectionate to everybody.” ~ Rob K., Vermont

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