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Darlene Berkel

I help career and self-employed women design a stress-resilient lifestyle and nurture resilience from within, so that they can unlock productivity and feel calm in the face of difficult & unpleasant experiences, and be more patient with the important people in their life.

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About this course

Learn How to Conquer Stress, Reduce Overwhelm, & Avoid Burnout... in Only 5 Days!

Day 1 - Manage Yourself
Day 2 - Manage Others
Day 3 - Manage Things
Day 4 - Manage Stress
Day 5 - Move Forward

Proven, Practical, Powerful .....& Totally FREE!

Hands-on, No-Fluff, 100% FREE Training To Help You Take Your First Step To Conquer Stress, Reduce Overwhelm & Avoid Burnout-- Even If You Don’t Know Where To Start.

Are you a busy career or self-employed woman struggling with the stresses of daily life, juggling multiple roles  with not enough time to do it all?

You'll learn how to:

==> Manage the  stress in your daily life

==> Manage your time, set priorities & boundaries, and improve your productivity

==> Feel far more connected and able to cope with all the  ‘hats’ you wear at work and at home

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