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Sara Wiseman

Sara Wiseman is a visionary spiritual teacher and award-winning author who has reached tens of thousands of students worldwide via her books, courses and training. She is the founder of Intuition University, and writes the award-winning Daily Divine blog and hosts the popular Spiritual Psychic and Ask Sara podcasts. For FREE resources, visit

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About this course

As June begins,  you can feel the call of Light.

If you follow the rhythms of the seasons, you can feel your own longing to be a part of this Light:  in your intentions, in your interests, in your body, in your way of being in the world. 

We're like kids let out school—finally turned loose to run and play!

Free! Free! Free! 

As the weather warms, we're meant to enjoy.
As the days get longer, we’re meant to celebrate.
As the nights get shorter, we’re meant to revel.

If we allow ourselves to follow this natural rhythm of the seasons, we find ourselves in the most delicious way of being for summer:

Bare feet.
Fields and flowers.
Forest bathing.
Cool water.
Sunrise awakenings.
Oceans, lakes and streams.
Music and revelry.
Moon bathing.
Fire and magic.
Solstice celebrations.
Sunsets to call us home. 

Our deeply outward celebration becomes punctuated by the dazzling beauty of an awakening season: the mornings where we wake up hours before our alarm—without even trying. The afternoons where everything is hazy with chlorophyl and green, green, green. The nights where we stay up very, very late: witnessing the sunset and the night sky and the moon in all her glory, and hours later we find ourselves still staring at the stars. 

It’s all incredibly beautiful and profound: this gift of a season that opens us to our natural, free selves. 

And yet… how do we create this amazing summer celebration, when we are so tied into our work, our responsibilities, the challenges of urban or busy lives?

So often, we waste this gorgeous outward cycle, one of the most important to our spiritual growth, by not knowing or not allowing ourselves to be one with our bodies and souls in a natural way. 

In summer, what our souls crave is: 

• Earth and nature
• Water from all sources
• Hours spents outside
• Sunrise and sunset
• Freedom in our skin
• Doing less, feeling more
• Simple enjoyments
• Leisure and rest
• Moonlight and magic

This is yours to choose!

In the next few weeks, from now to Summer Solstice, we’ll work together to create a new kind of summer experience. 

• We’ll create intention about how you would like to be in this season.
• We’ll create experiences that bring you to heart-opening and joy.
• We’ll let go of busyness and "to dos".
• We’ll allow ourselves to be free.
• We’ll have fun.
• We'll experience revery for another turn around the planet. 

Our course begins on June 3. 

You will receive your Lessons every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, now  to June 19, plus a special lesson on June 21, Summer Solstice. If you get behind, no worries; do the Lessons at your own pace, on your own schedule. You can go back to the material at any time. 

As part of this course, you have the option of participating in a private forum where you can share with other Beautiful Souls who seek to create a more meaningful, spiritual, and delightful Solstice awakening.

Much love,