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About this course

Are you afraid of telling a client no?
Maybe you're hesitant to request your client to rebook?
Price increases or having the price of service conversation with your client make you uncomfortable?

The Caliber Consultation gives you the power to be in the driver’s seat,  use your professional expertise to accomplish a thorough and extensive consultation that delivers the best communication and outcome to serve your client.  The Caliber Consultation will support you in offering the right services for the right results, with every client, plus rebooking of future appointments increased retail sales, eliminate redos, and ultimate client satisfaction!  It gives you the ability to be creative and confident in determining what can and cannot be accomplished in one, two, or more services and mapping out how to do that. It creates the opportunity to charge what you are worth because the client then trusts and values your opinion, your level of education, your expertise, and your skill-set.

Never again: 

  •  Fear having difficult conversations with your clients

  • Have insecurities in re-booking for future services 

  • Feel as though you need to discount your prices or not charge your worth  

“There is something that I want you to know. That is: I did not create The Caliber Consultation for the benefit of the client. Although that is a fantastic by-product of what I believe is the greatest missing in our industry, the thorough consultation.

Find Out More  About Tres! 

I created The Caliber Consultation to be in the driver’s seat of my business.”  Tres Benzley, Owner of Calibrate hair and Creator of The Caliber Consultation 

It's time to put yourself in the driver's seat...

  • Powerfully be the professional and add more value to each service 

  • Keep your clients talking about you long after they have left the salon

  • Get more Referrals and WOM advertising for free

  • Eliminate redos with a powerful consultation 

  • Raise your prices confidently and charge your worth 

Easy to follow and learn from this  7 -Module Online Course designed to Uplevel the Client Experience of putting you in the driver's seat!

Module1- The Intro to The Caliber Consultation. My Success and struggles of starting over and why I created The Caliber Consultation

Module 2 - PreCalibrate.  Prepare with your client in advance by requesting the right information that you can really use to save time and have you be the expert. 

Module 3- Calibrate. Uplevel your Show and Tell to Share and Care skills when you're face to face.  (not  just mirror to mirror) 

Module 4- CalibrateCut- What is the client really asking for and how do you speak their language, not yours?  This is the foundation for the long term and forever client. 

Module 5- CalibrateColor. Learn the Color Math Method and exceed expectations with your client as well as superior color results.

Module 6- Prescribe.  Never feel like you are selling again, service with a prescription, and a maintenance plan for the healthiest hair possible today and 6 weeks from now.

Module 7- Drive. Create the map, set the boundaries, and deliver results! 

More than 7 learning video modules you also receive the handouts and forms that support each consultation portion and ready for Success! 

  1.  The PreCalibration Form

  2.  ReCalibrateHair Live Assessment Form- Hair Cut 

  3.  ReCalibrateHair Live Assessment Form- Color

  4.  Caliber Prescription Form

  5.  Caliber Partnership Rules

  6.  Caliber Policies and Guarantee    

Don't wait for another client to be "Driving You Crazy"...Get in the Driver's seat and start building your business and your forever "happy and satisfied" clientele. 

Get The Caliber Consultation, and have every client say YES! 
Choose the Option that Describes Your Business.  

Don't wait, I guarantee you will have better results with each and every client!

Special Bonus for Salons 11+ Stylists, Recieve a free 1 Hour Coaching Session with Tres Benzley on how to maximize  The Caliber Consultation for your team!  $399.00 Value!

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