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I created Smarts and Stamina to help you be your healthiest and happiest possible self. Over the course of this program, I'm here to provide all the support you need to get there!

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About this course

Want to face the new year refreshed and full of energy?  Eager to feel alive, vigorous, and innovative as you meet the challenges of 2012? Want to have your mood working for you, instead of against you? Join Smarts and Stamina in the New Year to embark with like-minded people on the quest that makes all other goals possible.

While most of us feel inspired by that clean slate at the turn of the year, the vast majority of resolutions will end in frustration before the second week of February.  Why?  Because we think that all we need to change a habit is a good dose of will-power, when in reality research shows that self-discipline alone really isn’t enough.

But changing health habits is still possible, with the right information, the right practice, and the right support from people around you.

After publishing their Amazon Healthy Living Bestseller, authors Marie-Josée Shaar and Kathryn Britton join forces again to bring you a 6-week program that will turn your resolutions into reality.  Here’s the idea behind it:

  • You make hundreds of health-related decisions each day.
  • You can have significant impact on your health, happiness, and productivity by making more and more of those decisions well.
  • You can draw on your strengths, turbo-charge your willpower, and practice behaviors that will tip the balance.

Smarts and Stamina for the New Year is an online program that will not only show you how to set appropriate health goals, but it will help you understand how to recruit your body as an ally to make them stick.

“Have you ever wanted to scream at the next person who tells you what you “should” do in order to reach a personal wellness goal? Marie-Josée Shaar and Kathryn Britton take a different approach-one that’s non-judgmental, grounded in the science of what works and is all about learning along the way. There are no wrong turns on the SaS journey. The focus is on what you will do, not what you won’t. Hallelujah!”

~Amy Tardio, Huffington Post contributor, Professional Wellness Coach. Former Fitness Editor, GQ and Fitness Director, SELF, Vogue, and Glamour magazines.

Learn how the body’s biochemical activity colors your behaviors, how that applies to you specifically, and how to manage the process skillfully.  Learn why working with your strengths is a better route to success than worrying about your weaknesses.  On this foundation, become skillful at managing yourself and...

  • Get out of the one thinking trap that can kill your ability to feel capable of change
  • Sleep tight at night and avoid insomnia
  • Enjoy healthier foods and stop emotional eating
  • Cultivate a sunny mood and silence that internal voice that criticizes you
  • Fit exercise into your day

The program will be entirely taught online.  You can access lessons whenever you want, and pause, rewind, replay them as you wish.  Activities will include short videos, self-assessments, readings, and discussions with peers that are also working on healthy changes.  Using the power of Ruzuku, it will be an interactive experience, giving you the opportunity to post comments, ask questions, and get support from the instructors and from each other.  Access to all materials is password protected, so you can feel free to share safely.

Smarts and Stamina for the New Year will help you learn how to change and change how you learn.

Since this is the initial launch of this program, we are offering it at a much discounted rate of $20 per week, or $120.  


After a first career in the fast-paced corporate world, Marie-Josée Shaar made it her mission to reverse the current epidemics of sleep deprivation, obesity, depresssion, and physical inactivity. A Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) from the University of Pennsylvania, she is certified as a Nutrition and Wellness Consultant and as a Personal Trainer.  She and her husband Rob find joie de vivre hiking, biking, scuba diving, and entertaining friends over healthy dinner parties.

Kathryn Britton is the associate editor of Positive Psychology News Daily. A professional coach, she has authored more than 70 articles and edited 2 books on applications of positive psychology to daily life. As a former software engineer, Kathryn is detail-oriented, yet creative and visionary at the same time. She also teaches positive workplace concepts to graduate students in project management at the University of Maryland.