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Sharon Fennimore, MA

I am a teacher, yogini, women's health coach, artist, and rogue anthropologist based in Vermont. I enjoy working with my clients and students to find a sense of equanimity and peace in their lives regardless of circumstances. In addition to the yoga and meditation training programs with an emphasis in meditation and Buddhist philosophy that I offer, I also specialize in working with women around issues of reproductive health, pregnancy, and stress management. I work with private clients all over the world using SKYPE and facilitate group coaching programs like this one.

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About this course


In this course, you will learn about the benefits and risks of prenatal yoga and how to find the perfect class just for you:

#1: Learn the basics of the anatomy of pregnancy and embryonic and fetal development 

#2: Learn how to modify your existing yoga practice to make it safe and enjoyable in all weeks of pregnancy

#3: Learn the benefits and risks of exercise and yoga during pregnancy 

#4: Tips for finding a high quality class and qualified instructor in your area