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About this course

How do you define yourself in the sea of sameness? 

What separates you and makes you unique from your competitors?

Do you jump on the inauthentic bandwagon and do what everyone else is doing because they are making outrageous claims of closing super high dollar sales and making millions?

Or do you...

Focus on what you know best…

Focus on who you know the best…

Yes, some of those marketing approaches may be working for some but I will bet that they still have invested hundreds if not thousands on learning and trying and buying new systems. They most likely spent thousands of hours on marketing, advertising, sales pages, and funnel systems to grow their base.   

I know because this was me too, and still failing to get it right.  My FOMO effect and saying yes to everything was taking me down the path of failure and not on what I do best.

The biggest lesson I had to learn, was how to sell myself or fail as an entrepreneur. I started my company at the onset of the recession and everything was a struggle from there. On the brink of giving up, I got so mad at myself for failing and decided I could do this and trusted what I knew and recruited support for what I didn't and this program that I designed was what I put into action for myself and it made the greatest impact on my success not only for myself but for my coaching, sponsor and advertising clients!

When I discovered the real power of who I was and what made me Stand Out I knew that was what needed to be that Brand Out. 

I am not better or worse than many other speakers, coaches, authors and radio hosts, but I did know what made the greatest impact for ME to connect with others. My a connector! 

Brand Me is a DIY Online Program designed to support you to authentically sell yourself, your products or services and your company.

Whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur, corporate leader or in a freelance position.  Selling yourself is the first thing you have to master!  For many, it is what we are not comfortable doing or we believe what we are selling has nothing to do with us selling ourselves and we make these mistakes! 

  1. We may focus on the company mission or culture and the reason why they should do business with your company 
  2. We may extend our credentials to like a resume to gain respect
  3. We may even start talking about the product or service  that you offer and bring them with features 

I can tell you none of these approaches will work based on the human hard-wiring of building and making decisions and the one most important component …trust!

So let’s stop the "salesy" approach

The false connection

The “my product” is so much better

Or our customer service team will win you over

And let’s start Branding Relationships that build business, referrals, followers and the keyword, TRUST!

We all know people don’t buy from companies they buy from people… So who are you and what makes you special?

So now the question is why do I need a personal brand?

The short answer is “to connect”, the long answer of how that works is what BRAND ME is all about!

  • Discover the unique way you approach things and how that may hinder or help you and your business…we may be human but we are all a little different
  • Overcome  the fear and have a powerful brand connection at your next network or impromptu meeting with the “What do you do?” question, without it being pie in the sky corny
  • Learn the 5 Steps to building your personal brand that sets you apart and becomes your foundation to promote from
  • Overcome that fear of talking about yourself, we all know stories sell and pitches quell
  • Understand how to get F.A.B. results with every connection you make
  • Constitute the strategic brand story of your ideal connection and client and how even a no can still give you a yes
  • Have a true understanding of sequence to build your personal brand story, product story and company story

 The BRAND ME- How to Authentically Sell Yourself  DIY Online Program is...

  • 4 easy to understand video modules  (so much learning, I am a giver, I over give, I can't help myself)
  • Each module has specific handouts and homework to support your BRAND success
  • Invitation to the Brand Me Mastermind Facebook group to interact with me and the other active learners
  • 2- Live Facebook Interactions with me during your program
  • Plus… special bonus offers that keep the connection going and the learning in play!

All this  for $497.00 or 3 payments of $189.00

Sign up today the Brand Me program happens only 4 times a year… Click here to join us… you have 6 months to complete, and go back and review.

Be the Brand Ambassador of YOU!

Ok, just say yes to yourself….You and your brand story are meant to be shared! 

The world is waiting….

Are you still reading? 

What are you worried about?

Oh yes… Time and Money, the same worry all the rest of your potential and ideal clients have.

Do you want to learn how to authentically overcome those objections?

Here’s a hint…it is about you.  Your brand is your signature way of being and it connects in such a way with others that you build trust.

Here is the time investment 4 Hours of amazing  video  learning  and 4 hours of doing the homework =8 hours

Standing in line time at Starbucks-3 hours
Scrolling through Facebook or Instagram -2 hours
Watching reruns on TV -1 hour
Binge watching your Netflix show- 1 hour
Ok, this one may be hard… wake up 1 hour early

There are your 8! 

Ok, let’s talk Money
First, what is your relationship with money?


What is your relationship with you?


Do you believe you deserve success?

Do you trust that you can manifest money with the right feeling and focus?

Yeah, I thought so, how many new clients do you need to recoup your investment?

Do you believe that you will gain new clients by Taking a Stand with your Brand?

Welcome to Brand Me, How to Authentically Sell Yourself ...and succeed!

Your Connection Coach, Bonnie Bonadeo