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Hello! I'm Nima. I simplify the complex and state the obvious. I've done this on TV for decades, on stage at mega events and global conferences, when training the C-suite, and through the content I create. It's great to have you here. I know you will benefit from the time you spend becoming S.H.E.

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About this course

Welcome! I'm thrilled you're here. Your starting point to being Seen.Heard.Empowered. 

S.H.E.Strategy gets you to:

  • Showcase your brilliance.
  • Raise your profile. 
  • Lean in to your earning potential. 


  • By figuring out where you're at right now - at work & life.
  • Deciding what you need & want so you can get ahead & stay ahead.  
  • Creating your unique S.H.E.Blueprint that outlines where you're heading, and how to get there.

This is not about talk and theory, it’s big on being practical and taking action. 

S.H.E.Strategy online programme rolled out over 5 weeks. 

Over the course of the programme, you'll discover tools & strategies that will help you stay on your (unique) path to success, while staying sane. 

You walk away with your S.H.E.Blueprint; a step-by-step plan to showcase who you are, what you do, and where you are headed. 

You will receive tools to transition from the ‘what’, to the ‘how’ you become Seen.Heard.Empowered.  

By the end of the S.H.E.Strategy, you’ll know how to put your words, messages, thoughts together so that people hear what you’re saying, and know how to make the next step happen. 

You will use your S.H.E.Blueprint, every time you have something to say – whether it’s to you boss, your life partner, or even your child!

I created S.H.E.Strategy because:

  • I was done seeing brilliant women like you loose out on opportunities.
  • Done with women being told 'what' they 'should' do, but not how to do it.
  • I wanted to share the skills & tools I was teaching the C-suite - so you can stay on your path & get to where your ambition & ability lie.

Want to spend 5 weeks building your plan to lean in to your earning potential, raise your profile and showcase your brilliance in 2020?

Let's make it happen. It's time. It's your time.

The programme rolls out one module per week - it includes video content, worksheets and handouts.

The big deal is that you can put it to use straight away! 

It's brain-based learning that gets you results, as long as you do the work. 

Ready to invest in yourself? Let's make it happen! 


$997 or 3 payments of $393

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