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Trista Hertz

Inspiring nature art journaling with Wonder Wander Journaling classes. Always dreaming of my next magical sketching time at Disneyland. Instagram: @tristahertz

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About this course

In Wonder Wander Summer Nature Art Journaling we'll artfully connect with nature as we explore 15 lessons together during summer 2019. From contour landscape sketching to adding nature-themed ephemera to our pages to dreaming up our own  enchanted gardens. From using maps and movies as inspiration to imagining what lies somewhere over the rainbow, and so much more!

We'll be using watercolors (or gouache) along with favorite pens, pencils and paints. We'll press leaves and flowers in our journals and develop our own signature marks to add to our pages. 

This class is all about having fun with your art while capturing your connection with nature in your journal pages. it's about building a habit of observing and wondering about nature and then translating those thoughts and that sense of wonder into your art journal. 

Let's wonder and wander through nature (no matter where you live!)  this summer and capture our love of nature in our art journals. 

Class Highlights:
-Class runs all summer, June through August 2019
-Lessons will post five at a time on 6/1, 6/15 and 7/1
-Total of 15 lessons
-At least one video per lesson
-Lifetime access
-This class is for every level, for everyone who wants to explore nature in their art journal
-Limited time Introductory price $30 (Regular price $60)