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Kavitha chinnaiyan

Dr. Kavitha Chinnaiyan

Dr. Kavitha Chinnaiyan is an integrative cardiologist and award-winning author of Shakti Rising (New Harbinger/ Non-Duality Press, October 2017) and The Heart of Wellness (Llewellyn, January 2018). She combines cutting-edge technology with ancient wisdom in her approach to healing and wellness, and teaches a variety of techniques to heal, find joy and bliss, and ascend to higher levels of consciousness.

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About this Course

In this course, we will explore the exquisite practice of the Pañcopacāra Pūjā, where a deity is worshiped and adored through 5 offerings.  

Here, we will learn how to perform the Pañcopacāra Pūjā of Gaṇapati. Gaṇapati is the magnificent elephant-headed deity who is invoked at the start of all other pūjās and rituals to usher in auspiciousness and to eliminate obstacles in the environment, and our mind and psyche that could prevent its successful completion. 

The beauty of the Pañcopacāra Pūjā is that with its correct understanding and application, the fruit of the pūjā is gained in real time, as it is being executed.  Once the procedure is learned and practiced, it can be applied to any other deity with slight modifications, and it can be expanded to longer pūjās with more steps and elaboration. 

Here, we will learn not only how to do the pūjā, but the nondual philosophy behind it that will enable not only a deepening of sādhanā but also an exponential growth of self-awareness.  The course includes supplemental materials including handouts and mantra recordings. No refunds.