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Embodiment Matters

We are Somatic Naturalists and Embodiment Mentors. We are honored to steward of a living body of work we call Integrative Embodiment. We live in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah, with our amazing 10-year old son, a wild and wonderful kitty and a bunch of hilarious hens. We are trained as Feldenkrais Practitioners, Embodied Life Instructors, Tai Chi teachers, a yoga teacher and therapist (Erin) and a Structural Integrator (Carl.) We are also long-time meditators. Erin is also a facilitator of Joanna Macy's pioneering Work That Reconnects. We host a podcast, write, work with private clients, teach courses, workshops, and retreats and we absolutely LOVE our work. We're so happy you're here!

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About this course

Are you struggling with 

  • stress
  • bodily discomfort
  • disconnection
  • speediness
  • living in your head?

Need some grounding, centering, embodied pleasure, sanity, and reconnection in your life?

Sign up for our Free Intro to the Embodiment Lab and get access to amazing support, delivered in audio, video and written format, starting July 1st, 2019. 

You'll learn 

  • an essential practice for growing embodied presence
  • an intro to the brilliant Feldenkrais Method of Awareness Through Movement
  • guided movement lessons
  • guided practices in Awareness Through Stillness, including a lying down meditation, a guided sitting meditation, and an embodied resting practice
  • a basic practice of Embodied Gratitude
  • powerful invitations to bravely befriend your embodied experience
  • a potent practice of resourcing a quality you'd like to embody in your life
  • suggested ways to continue the journey

You can do this. We make it as easy and pleasurable as possible. 

And at a price tag of zero dollars, you can totally afford it! 

These are a few of the practices we wish that everyone knew. We think they'll not only improve your quality of life, but help to make the world better too. 

Sign up now! The Lab will open with lessons for your exploration on July 1, 2019. 

We are so looking forward to sharing with you!

Erin & Carl