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Joanna Taylor

Joanna Taylor is a UKCP Accredited Neuro-Linguistic Psychotherapist, an Accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Certified Trainer of NLP. She provides courses and in-house training in hypnosis, communication skills, wellbeing, mindfulness and stress management, in addition to personal psychotherapeutic coaching and therapy for clients suffering from stress, anxiety, phobias and low self-esteem.

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About this course

This is a five week modular online course especially designed to help ‪dentists‬ to reduce the risk of burnout through improving their levels of emotional resilience and self-awareness.

As with all our courses, it's as interactive as you would like it to be, with forum-style discussion if you wish to take part.

In this course we will:

  • Consider the causes of stress within the dental profession, and what it does to your health.
  • Explore how our perception of events relates to our state of mind.
  • Discover a variety of different models and techniques which can help to improve wellbeing, increase behavioural choice and create a greater sense of life balance.

Stress is a natural part of life; it is part of how our mind and body communicates.  However, stress is often considered to be something we should fight, and control, and when we feel we can't do that our ability to cope with day-to-day life sometimes becomes compromised.

'Burnout' has become a common problem in the profession, with many practitioners citing symptoms such as insomnia, tiredness, bruxism, headaches, poor work-life balance and significantly reduced motivation.  Research has shown that high levels of workplace stress lead to higher levels of malpractice claims, because a tired, stressed dentist with low motivation will not make the best decisions.  The 'need to appear strong' often creates the very problem it was seeking to avoid...

What if you could change that?  What if there was a different way to deal with stress, just by changing the way you think about it?  When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change...

As a dentist, you will be more than familiar with the concept of prevention; you'll be teaching it to your patients, and I'm sure you are using prevention to take care of your own dental health too - but what about your mental health?

This course has been developed as a result of the research undertaken by Joanna, and aims to explore some of the causes of stress within the profession, as well as introducing a variety of simple models and techniques such as self-hypnosis, mindfulness and others in order to give you a wide choice and enable you to find the methods that work for you.  The techniques are taken from a number of different psychotherapeutic approaches including NLPt, Hypnosis, CBT, Gestalt and Transactional Analysis, all of which can help individual access their inner resources, manage their state and create a calmer environment for themselves and those around them.

Each topic should take you a total of around 40 minutes to an hour to complete; the topics are split up into sections so you can take as long as you like over each one.  You may also want to set aside a few minutes each day for some daily practice - the techniques will only be effective if you make this commitment to yourself from the outset.

Whilst this course has been designed with members of the dental profession in mind, of course the techniques will work for anyone; you are more than welcome, whatever your profession!

Please note that this is a personal development course and is not intended to be a substitute for medical care.  If you are dealing with any sort of mental or emotional disorder, are undergoing any mental health therapy, are experiencing epilepsy or seizures, or have any other neurological disorder, we suggest that you consult your medical practitioner or therapist before you undertake this programme, and proceed only under their supervision.