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Dr. Debra Em Wilson

Dr. Debra Em Wilson, a Reading Specialist and Founder of S’cool Moves, is a graduate of the University of Southern Queensland Professional Studies Program. Her dissertation uncovered attributes of successful collaboration between occupational therapists and general education teachers working together in the classroom environment. She has over 30 years presenting and teaching elementary through college students. Debra is a mother of an adult with special needs and shares what's she learned along the way to shorten the learning curve for those in similar situations. When she's not editing videos or creating course content, she enjoys honing her skills as a color consultant, judging books by their covers, and dodging rattlesnakes while riding her bike through the Sonoran Desert in Tucson, Arizona.

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About this course

S'cool Moves: TABS, Targeted Academic and Behavior Support

We hope you'll join us! Enjoy learning S'cool Moves theory, principles, routines, and interventions in this fun and motivating course. For over 23 years, we've been holding S'cool Moves courses. We constantly comb the research and stay on top of latest findings that help you help your students with the greatest efficiency and effectiveness. Our dynamic systems approach targets specific interventions for challenges within the focus, sensory, visual, auditory, and support systems.

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What do our course attendees say?

"Eager to start using S'cool Moves right away!"

"Learned so much and can't wait to share it."

"Wow, so many great resources."

"So entertaining. The videos are engaging and fun, not dull like most courses I've taken."

"I really know how to help my struggling learners now and am using these techniques on my own children."


  • Apply best practice strategies to improve collaboration
  • Support diverse learners in a variety of settings using a RTI/MTSS
  • Learn ten Minute Moves Routines
  • Meld brain research into therapy-based practice
  • Create sensory supportive classrooms
  • Teach essential skills for academic stamina
  • Apply the neurodevelopmental model to student learning
  • “All hands on deck” collaboration for access for all
  • Learn evidence based transitions and brain breaks
  • Design interventions using the Dynamic Five Systems Approach
  • Design engaging small group stations
  • Address rapid naming skill deficits
  • Address dyslexia kaleidoscope student needs
  • Integrate with any program and align with standards
  • Improve literacy through the Dynamic Five Systems Approach

Units or Continuing Education Hours


Washington Clock Hours available: 15 hours or 1 PDU

Earn up to three units of 800 level course work (fourth year/graduate). A fee of $60.00 per unit applies and is paid directly to Chico State University, Chico, CA.* Verification of acceptance of units is the responsibility of the participant and not guaranteed by S’cool Moves. Details provided during class.

Therapists & Support Staff: Certificate(s) of completion provided for up to 15 hours of coursework.*

*Submitting hours is up to participant and not guaranteed by S’cool Moves to be accepted by your governing board.