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Skip Allen

“I love to teach”, Skip remarks,“ I find that it is a wonderful sharing experience.” Skip is looking forward to sharing his knowledge of Painter with those anxious to learn about the program and the digital creative process. ​ Besides teaching, Skip enjoys making custom brushes for Painter. While he has made Impasto and Liquid Ink brushes, his favorites are Watercolor. His brushes are available for free at his blog Skip Allen Paints.

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About this course

Painter 2020: “Speed of Light?

As in previous "what’s new classes," Painter 2020, "Speed of Light" focuses on the new or enhanced features.  The class is primarily for intermediate or advanced users, but I still encourage beginners to join. With a new version, we are all beginners, right?  However, if you have never used Painter before, I suggest taking A Fresh Start, The New Painter 2019. which has a complete beginner's class included.  Then take Corel Painter 2020, Speed of Light.

In this class, I cover all the new features of Painter 2020 and then some.  

List of Features:

Performance Optimization - This new feature is worth the price of upgrading.  Painter can take advantage of multi-core systems, AVX2, and most important, the GPU on the video card.

Enhanced User Interface Elements and Brush Visual - Painter 2019 improved the UI; Painter 2020 revamps it and makes it easier than ever to paint.  Do not be fooled and think this is just a small change.  The UI changes touch almost all areas of Painter.  The result is ease of use, but there is a learning curve.  I help you tame the learning curve.

New Color Selection Features - Oh boy, wait till you play with the color harmonies features.  This is a very useful and well thought out function of Painter.

Enhanced Layer Work Flow - Almost every layer function is now one right click away.  I love that.

And last but not least...4 New Brushes - I designed these watercolor variants.  Watercolor is so much faster in Painter 2020; the medium is a joy to use. 

I promise a fun and informative class.  Registration starts on July 7, 2019 and the class begins July 21, 2019.



Skill Level

This class is designed for Intermediate, Advanced and beginning users of Painter who have been working with Painter for at least 6 months.   If you are completely new to Painter, I suggest you  take Corel Painter 2019, a Fresh Start, which has a complete beginners class included.

Software Requirements

A working copy of Corel(r) Painter™ 2020 is required. Remember that you can download a 30-day trial version of the software to use for this class.
A Wacom Pen Tablet & Stylus- Using a Mouse is not the optimal tool for digital painting
A system capable of running Corel(r) Painter™ 2020

Hardware Requirements

4 GB of Ram or better Note: For optimum performance, your system should have 8GB of Ram or better

Class Overview -What Will I Receive For Joining This Class?

The class is monitored by the instructor; comments and critiques are provided for completed assignments.  Questions are answered within 24 hours in the forums or by bonus videos.

When necessary, Image Resource files are provided to complete the assignments.

Custom Brushes come with the class.

You receive many hours of high quality video, which you may download or stream at any time.

Who is this class for?

People who love to paint with Corel Painter!

Digital Artists

Art enthusiasts

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