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I love teaching and fashion. One of my goals is to influence how high quality fashion education is delivered to the world...beyond the traditional classroom and traditional academic methods.

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About this Course

A Guide to Understanding The Business of Fashion

The fashion industry is a multi-billion-dollar global industry; an industry in the business of making and selling clothes and fashion accessories. The fashion industry has been divided into four levels: Level 1-Textiles and Findings Manufacturers; Level 2-Apparel Manufactures; Level 3-Manufacturer-Owned Retailers/Outlets; and Level 4-Consumers. 

Knowing how the industry is organized gives you the knowledge you need to successfully work or conduct business within the fashion industry at all levels. This course is for you if you want to know how the fashion business is organized as an industry…Go ahead and dive into the following 4 modules… Here’s what we will talk about...

 MODULE 1: Fashion Textiles and Findings

  • Materials/Fabrics
  • Zipper, Trims, and Buttons

 MODULE 2: Apparel Manufactures

  • Product Manufacturing
  • Contracting Manufacturers

 MODULE 3: Manufacturer-Owned Retailers/Outlets

  • Retailing
  • Manufacturer Retailers

 MODULE 4: Consumers

  • Consumer demographics and psychographics
  • Forecasting Consumer Demand