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I love teaching and fashion. One of my goals is to influence how high quality fashion education is delivered to the world...beyond the traditional classroom and traditional academic methods.

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About this Course

Fashion Merchandising: A Course in Fashion Merchandising                                                                               

Fashion Merchandising is the planning, buying, and selling of apparel and accessories. It involves the planning required to have the right fashion merchandise available in quantities and places at the right time, and priced to meet consumer demand.  Fashion Merchandising is a process that describes every step in the buying and selling of fashion-oriented merchandise, from concept to consumer.

 Fashion Merchandising encompasses manufacturing, fashion buying, visual merchandising, retail merchandising, marketing, promotion, and sales.

 This course is for you if you are interested in Fashion Merchandising and want a closer look at the role of Fashion Merchandising in the Fashion Industry, then go ahead and dive into the following 3 modules. Here’s what we will talk about…

 MODULE 1: Fashion Basics

  • Fashion 101
  • How Fashion Moves
  • The Fashion Business

MODULE 2: Fashion Producers

  • Textiles
  • Fashion Categories
  • Fashion Design and Production

 MODULE 3: Fashion Markets

  • Consumer Demand
  • Consumer Groups
  • A Global Perspective