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Patricia Young

I love teaching and fashion. One of my goals is to influence how high quality fashion education is delivered to the world...beyond the traditional classroom and traditional academic methods.

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About this Course

Fashion Design: A Guide To Starting Your Fashion Design Business

Fashion Design is an exciting and demanding profession that requires special skills and abilities. A successful fashion designer may be a skilled fashion sketcher, patternmaker, sewer, and know how to select appropriate textile fabrics.  Fashion Designers should be capable of interpreting fashion trends and communicating this information to consumers in the development of apparel that will sell.  So, whatever you design must be appealing, capable of being reproduced in mass quantities at prices that are competitive in the fashion market.

Some designers operate their own business and in this course we will discuss how to build a successful fashion design business.

This course is for you If you are interested in starting your own fashion design business, then go ahead and dive into the following 3 modules. Here’s what we will talk about…


Starting Your Fashion Design Business: Do You Have The Entrepreneurial Spirit?

  • Entrepreneurship? What the Heck is that?
  • Entrepreneurship: Do You Have What It Takes?
  • Becoming an Entrepreneur: Cost and Benefits


From the Ground Up: Building Your Fashion Design Business 

  • A Step-By-Guide: Building Your Business
  • Plans for Success: Your Business Plan
  • Making Money: Your Profiting Plan


Sell Your Stuff, The World Is Waiting For You: Promotion and Marketing

  • Marketing Defined
  • Promotion Defined
  • Building Your Brand