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Andrea is a visionary guide who supports women on a spiritual path to align with their soul calling. Andrea completed an MFA in Contemporary Art from the Glasgow School of Art, Scotland in 2003 and has been evolving her teaching practice ever since. Her work is a blend of Embodied Practice, Spiritual Healing, Intuitive Guidance and Facilitating Women's Circles. Andrea holds a healing space with a balance of steady presence, compassionate understanding and spiritual awareness. While supporting the precious gifts of vulnerability, Andrea nurtures a healing process for her clients, encouraging their own inner landscape of guidance to unfold from within.

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About this Course

This free online class is designed to support Women who want to breakthrough limiting beliefs about money and create a new framework for how they step into their professional work in the world.

This class is for women who are tired  of their own "self-doubt and "people pleasing" and want to create abundance from a place of power, self-responsibility and inner alignment.

Our beliefs about money can often find themselves rooted in feelings of unworthiness and self-doubt. AND they are also inextricably linked with our capacity for real growth and expansion in our creative and professional work in the world. 

I hear from many incredibly talented and powerful women who have so much to offer and still struggle to see the value for their work in the world. 

Wounding around money can run deep as a collective experience. As we begin to recognize this and begin to heal our beliefs about money we can start to take responsibility for how we wish to reclaim our personal power  and live from a genuine state of prosperity consciousness.

In this class we will create the space for you to: 

  • Open to Your Creative Vision for Your Work in the World
  • Reframe Limiting Beliefs about Money 
  • Catalyze the Flow of Abundance in Your Life